What fairway woods do pros use?

Gudrun Champlin asked a question: What fairway woods do pros use?
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TaylorMade, Titleist, PING and Callaway dominate the fairway woods being used by the top pros on the PGA Tour with TaylorMade models being the most popular choice with 40 of their fairway woods being used across the top 100 players with Titleist fairway woods not far behind with 38 of their clubs being used.

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Of the top 100 PGA Tour players only 2 use a 4-wood, 30 use a 5-wood and 12 use a ...

The Ping G400 Fairway Wood comes with an array of loft options and adjustable hosel, making it a good choice if you want to refine your club.? In fact, the adjustable hosel makes the Ping G400 Fairway Wood a great club to fill in the yardage gaps within your current set of clubs. 9. TaylorMade RBZ

Fairway woods make great alternatives to long irons, as they are easier to hit and easier to get airborne than traditional long irons. If you struggle with long approach shots and prefer the look and shape of a fairway wood, you may want to consider ditching your 3- and 4-irons and replacing them with fairway woods. When do you use a Fairway Wood?

Chew said the emergence of 7-woods on the PGA Tour is the result of several factors. First, manufacturers are making fairway woods with hotter faces that produce more ball speed. Second, modern golf balls do not spin as much as they did a few decades ago. Finally, the greens on the PGA Tour are getting faster.

Fairway woods are great for the super-long range attack at a par five or for playing safe from the tee. They are great clubs for helping you build confidence with the driver too or for stepping in when the barking dog is getting you into trouble. They also hit the ball lower than hybrids so they are better in windy conditions.

Practice sweeping the club head along the grass as you draw back and then sweep back through the impact zone. With a fairway wood, you want a fairly shallow swing as opposed to the steep angle of an iron where you are making impact coming down. Step 2. Step up to address the ball. You want the ball 2 or 3 inches to the inside of your lead foot.

Their round head provides more pop than a traditional iron but the smaller dimensions provide an aerodynamic design that outperforms what a fairway wood could do from thick rough. So why don’t we hear about pros using them? Players That Use Hybrids. To get right into it, the notion that pros don’t use hybrids is completely false.

Fairway woods -- clubs with longer shafts -- are harder to swing than the shorter hybrids and irons. Beginners can leave the fairway woods out of the bag and hit with irons and hybrids for most shots, or they can use a fairway wood to replace the driver. It's really a matter of personal preference.

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