What happens if your electricity is cut off?

Brendon Smith asked a question: What happens if your electricity is cut off?
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  • If your electricity cut out when you turned on a light switch or electrical appliance, this strongly suggests that your fuses have tripped. Fuses can trip at any time, however, so if you don’t know why you have no electricity supply, it’s worth taking a look at the fuse box.

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If you still haven’t paid your bill two to three weeks after your electricity has been cut off then they will send an electrician round to remove your meter. This makes the process of being reconnected even more complicated.

Coronavirus – if you've been told you'll be disconnected At the moment, your energy supplier won’t disconnect your gas or electricity if you miss a payment. Contact the consumer helpline if your supplier says they’ll disconnect you. If you’ve got a prepayment meter and you don’t top it up, your energy supply might still stop.

The truth is, we rely on electricity much more than we realize. Even if you live "off the grid," as I did for years, you are still living in a world and a society that is deeply dependent upon electricity. If the power is out for a few hours, we have all experienced that; of course you'll be fine.

If you want an answer in percents, it is quite easy. Assuming that you are mining 24/24 7/7, and assuming you have a battery so you do not need to reboot each time you have an electricity cut, then you will loose: 5/ (60*24*7) = 0.000496032 which is approximately 0.05%.

In terms of the by-laws, the conditions of payment by consumers are that all the amounts on the statement must be paid, and not just some and the full amount is not paid, then the consumer is in arrears and the Municipality will be entitled to cut off the consumer’s electricity (or any other service, although in my personal opinion electricity is the easiest to cut off and is the one item that is most likely to induce a very quick payment of any arrears by any consumer).

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