What happens when a hurricane hits a erupting volcano?

Kellen Huel asked a question: What happens when a hurricane hits a erupting volcano?
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“A volcano punching up through [a hurricane] would be a smudge on the windshield.” As a result, he explains, almost anything a volcano can do to disrupt a storm would be localized and likely erased as it moved along.

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So what would happen if a Category 5 hurricane sat directly over an erupting volcano? Well, it'd make a mess, potentially, but not much of one. The volcanic debris – ash, lava and bombs ...

What happens when a hurricane hits an active volcano? It depends a lot on the hurricane, the volcano, and the type of volcanic eruption. Results can be catastrophic or negligible or anything in...

The hurricane likely would act like an air filter, trapping motes of dust in raindrops. Dust then would fall to earth almost immediately, instead of into the atmosphere, as typically happens with...

That means when Hurricane Iselle crosses the Big Island tonight, scientists will have a rare chance to see how the monster storm interacts with another extreme force of nature: an active volcano....

What would happen if a hurricane hit an erupting volcano? Jim Nash Oct 19, 2017 10:00 PM ET. Some meteorologists and geologists speculate that the collision would be like a pair of agitated gorillas: two giants making a lot of noise, shaking the ground, and then parting ways.

Hurricanes often spawn tornadoes as they move over land. So I'll start with what happens when a hurricane hits an erupting volcano. In 1991, Typhoon Yunya hit the Philippines during the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. Typhoon rains mixed with ash and pyroclastic flows to form catastrophic mud flows (Lahar s). Imagine the wind and downpour of a hurricane, only the rain is actually mud (abrasive, fine grained mud).

There is the added bonus of the height of the volcanoes - particularly the larger Mauna Loa - which actually helps break the hurricane apart as it passes over land. In this case, the volcanoes...

According the the Washington Post, the specialized infrared camera that caught the whirlwind was being used to monitor volcanic ash. Ash from an eruption can cause the complete failure of aircraft engines. Much like a dust devil, or fire devil, the lava devil forms as a result of fast-moving, hot rising air.

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