What hurricane hit florida in october 2016?

Elvie Bartoletti asked a question: What hurricane hit florida in october 2016?
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Hurricane Matthew path

Hurricane Matthew path caused substantial damage in September and October 2016. The hardest hit area was southwestern Haiti, with eastern Cuba, western Grand Bahama Island and South Carolina and Florida in the U.S. also impacted.

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GOES infrared satellite (left) and radar (right) imagery of Hurricane Matthew affecting the Southeast U.S. Overview Hurricane Matthew moved north off the Florida east coast as a major hurricane before weakening to a Category 2 hurricane off the Georgia coast and then eventually making landfall around Cape Romain, South Carolina as a Category 1 hurricane during the late morning hours on October 8.

After several hours tracing along but just offshore of the Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina coasts, Matthew made landfall near Charleston, S.C. late in the morning of October 8 th. Several tidal gauges in Northeast Florida and South Carolina set all-time records.

#1 Weather Story of 2016 Hurricane Matthew Near-Miss: October 6th Hurricane Matthew was the biggest hurricane threat to South Florida since Hurricane Wilma in October 2005. Hurricane warnings were posted for Palm Beach and Broward counties, and Tropical Storm warnings were issued for the remainder of South Florida as

In early September, Hurricane Hermine, the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, brought extensive coastal flooding damage especially to the Forgotten and Nature coasts of Florida. Hermine was responsible for five fatalities and about $550 million (2016 USD) in damage.

Hurricane Matthew Avoids Direct Hit on Florida, Continues North Oct. 7, 2016 Hurricane Matthew churned north along the coast of Florida on Friday, staying far enough offshore to spare the state a...

Today is the last day of hurricane season, so we thought we would recap this year’s stats. The 2016 season started with a rare January hurricane, Alex, and ended with Hurricane Otto which made landfall in Nicaragua on November 24.. This year was an above-average season. There were 15 named storms and 7 hurricanes.

October 24 – Hurricane Wilma made landfall near Cape Romano as a major hurricane, with sustained hurricane-force winds recorded across the Miami area. Wind gusts reached 135 mph (215 km/h) on Marco Island .

In records dating back to 1851, 11 major hurricanes of Category 3 or higher have made a Florida landfall in October - bookending the state with Opal, which hit near Pensacola as a Cat 3 on Oct. 4 ...

From 1851 to 2016, 32 hurricanes made a Florida landfall in October, dwarfing the state with the second-highest number of October landfalls : Louisiana, with nine. There have been 17 major...

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