What is electricity bill account number?

Jerry Rosenbaum asked a question: What is electricity bill account number?
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What is Bill Number in electricity bill?

  • Generally, electricity bill gets generated each month for every consumer. The bill number is a unique identification number of every bill assigned by the online billing system. It starts with the digits from the account number of a consumer. It is located at the top-center of a bill.

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1. Go to DHBVN Bill Payment page on Paytm · 2. Enter your Account Number. · 3. Enter your Mobile Number · 4. Click on Proceed · 5. Enter your Bill Amount · 6. Login to My Account - Dashboard, View Bill, Current Bill, My Details ...

Hello friends, in this post, I am going to tell you how you can know the electricity account number from the help of your mobile, it is also very easy that you do not need to go anywhere, so friends, let me tell you How can you know the account number of the electricity bill is also very easy, friends, before knowing it, you need to know what the account number of the electricity bill is, so ...

Legacy account number is an 8-character alphanumeric number, for example, MF640012. The first four characters (two alphabets and two digits) represent your area, and the total 8 character number is your legacy account number. Contract account numbers are new and are more computer friendly. CA number is a 10 digit number starting from 300********.

What is my Direct Energy Account Number? This is the number that identifies you as a Direct Energy customer. It is typically used to locate your personal information when you call Customer Service with questions or when you pay your bill. It can found at the top of your bill, whether paper or digital.

Account number of your account can be obtained from your electricity bill itself and no need to approach MESCOM office for obtaining the same… But consumer number or Account ID is mandatory for paying the bill by retrieving the consumer details.

Your account number is on the first page in the top right-hand corner of your bill or statement. You'll find lots of other useful information on your bill as well, like details about your energy tariff or broadband package, and what costs make up your energy bill.

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