What is the deadliest thing in the universe?

Emmitt Jaskolski asked a question: What is the deadliest thing in the universe?
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For one, falling into a black hole is easily the worst way to die. Halloween is a time to be haunted by ghosts, goblins and ghouls, but nothing in the universe is scarier than a black hole.

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by Maria Gabriela · Published May 13, 2017 · Updated May 13, 2017 The world is full of terrifying and dangerous things: foods, cities, insects, viruses and some others. For us, humans, is difficult to distinguish what is truly dangerous to our physical well-being, and what is simply a psychological fear.

Ultimately, for life on planet Earth, the deadliest thing is the Sun, not now, but later as it gets hotter and hotter, it will sterilize the biosphere. Until then the deadliest thing for life on Earth is impacts with very large space rocks, and perhaps a gamma ray burst from a nearby supernova. 141 views

Well, the thing is, when two neutron stars collide or when a neutron star crashes into a black hole, these strangelets break free. What is the most dangerous thing in the Universe? And at millions of miles per hour, these tiny (or not so tiny) guys race through space.

What is the dangerous thing in universe? Black holes are expected to form when a massive star dies. After the star’s nuclear fuel is exhausted, its core collapses to the densest state of matter imaginable, a hundred times denser than an atomic nucleus.

Whenever we think about dangerous things present in our observable universe we usually come up with objects like black hole or a supernova. But we have got many other dangerous things which are always ready to kill us and guess what if they are co...

The Deadliest Thing in the Universe! | Rahul Chowdhury The Deadliest Thing in the Universe! A Quasar (contraction of QUASi-stellAR radio source) is an extremely powerful and distant active galactic nucleus.

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