What is the fastest ship in the universe?



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With its infinite speed, the Heart of Gold is the fastest ship in the universe -- any universe -- and much faster than the Millennium Falcon.

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For its time, the Enterprise was the fastest ship in the fleet. It could reach speeds of warp five if necessary. It did so several times throughout its long career. It could reach speeds of warp five if necessary.

It's NASA versus sci-fi in 'Fastest Ship in the Universe' smackdown From Voyager 1 to the Tardis, see how speedy the universe's most famous transportation vessels are in this engaging new...

The Stealth-Hawk, however, has been designed to be one of their fastest and most top-secret ships. Every aspect of it has been created to ensure a quick delivery of troops in a stealthy manner. It's one of the fastest ships on this list although it's slightly less agile. 2 Asgard's Reach

The Fastest Ship in the Universe: How does the Millennium Falcon stack up against the USS Enterprise?

The current human speed record is shared equally by the trio of astronauts who flew Nasa's Apollo 10 mission. On their way back from a lap around the Moon in...

Cochrane (2372-2374) Several Trekkies argue that the fastest ship in the Star Trek universe is actually a USS Voyager shuttle simply called Cochrane. The shuttle had a transwarp drive installed and became the first Starfleet ship to travel faster than the transwarp threshold of Warp 10.

Perhaps the fastest ship in the galaxy was the Millenium Falcon - after all, it did make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs! (Keep in mind, a parsec is actually a unit of distance, but in Star Wars, it's apparently a measure of

Trimaxion Drone Ship “Max” (Flight of the Navigator) Phaelon technology / David’s brain 4,460,000C

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