What is the fastest speed of a tornado?

Stan Veum asked a question: What is the fastest speed of a tornado?
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73 miles per hour

The highest forward speed of a tornado on record was 73 miles per hour (117 km/h) from the 1925 Tri-State Tornado. Other weak tornadoes have approached or exceeded this speed, but this is the fastest forward movement observed in a major tornado.

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Severe tornado: 158-206 mph: Roof and some walls torn off well constructed houses; trains ...

What is the fastest speed ever recorded for a tornado and a hurricane? The tornado that hit the Oklahoma City suburbs of Bridge Creek and Moore on May 3, 1999, registered a wind speed of 318 mph,...

How fast can a tornado move? Tornadoes generally travel form the southwest and at an average speed of 30 miles per hour. However, some tornadoes have very erratic paths, with speeds approaching 70 mph. Is it possible to outrun a tornado? Try to outrun a tornado. A tornados average speed is 10-20 mph across the ground, but can reach speeds up to 60 mph!

It holds records for longest path length at 219 miles (352 km), longest duration at about 3½ hours, and fastest forward speed for a significant tornado at 73 mph (117 km/h) anywhere on Earth. In addition, it is the deadliest single tornado in United States history with 695 fatalities. [1]

The highest wind speed ever recorded in a tornado was 302 miles per hour, (486 km/h). Oddly, two tornadoes share this record. The first was from a tornado that hit Oklahoma City and its suburbs on May 3, 1999. The second was near El Reno Oklahoma on May 31, 2013.

If tornadoes were included, the world's fastest wind would be approximately 302 mph (484 km/h). It was observed by a Doppler on Wheels during a tornado occurring between Oklahoma City and Moore, Oklahoma on May 3, 1999.

Tornado: The average ground speed of a tornado is 30 mph but they can also be nearly stationary to up to 70 mph. Below you will find the possible wind speeds for a tornado. EF-0 : Wind speeds ...

Highest recorded or estimated wind speeds inside a tornado. 2018 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Tornado (367 mph) 1974 Xenia, Ohio Tornado (364 mph) 1997 Jarrell, Texas Tornado (361 mph) 1925 Tri-State Tornado (357 mph) 2019 Vian, Oklahoma Tornado (351 mph) 1974 Guin, Alabama Tornado (346 mph) 2265 Minneola-Clermont-Four Corners, Florida Tornado (346 mph)

The Tornado Air Defence Variant (ADV) is the interceptor variant of Tornado combat aircraft developed by Panavia Aircraft. The Tornado ADV can fly at a maximum speed of Mach 2.27 while the Interdictor and Strike / Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance (IDS/ECR) versions offer a maximum speed of Mach 2.2.

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