What is the highest wind speed in a typhoon?

Juana Paucek asked a question: What is the highest wind speed in a typhoon?
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  • A severe typhoon has wind speeds of 85–104 kn (44–54 m/s; 98–120 mph; 157–193 km/h), while a super typhoon has winds of 100 kn (51 m/s; 120 mph; 190 km/h). In May 2015, PAGASA introduced the term Super Typhoon and used it for systems with winds greater than 120 kn (62 m/s; 140 mph; 220 km/h).

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Typhoon Tip, 1979: Its wind speed of 305 kilometers per hour ties that of Allen, but Tip was the largest tropical storm ever recorded, with a diameter of more than 2,000 kilometers. It caused 99...

The JMA divides the typhoon category into three categories, with a 10-minute maximum wind speed below 84 kn (43 m/s; 97 mph; 156 km/h) assigned for the (strong) typhoon category. A very strong typhoon has wind speeds between 85–104 kn (44–54 m/s; 98–120 mph; 157–193 km/h), while a violent typhoon has wind speeds of 105 kn (54 m/s; 121 mph; 194 km/h) or greater. [6]

The fastest wind speed ever recorded comes from a hurricane gust. On April 10, 1996, Tropical Cyclone Olivia (a hurricane) passed by Barrow Island, Australia. It was the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane at the time, 254 mph (408 km/h).

Highest 1-minute sustained winds: 200 mph (325 kph) The Western Pacific’s Typhoon Ida and East Pacific newcomer, Hurricane Patricia, tie for third strongest cyclone ever recorded. Hitting southeastern Japan as a Cat 3, Ida caused extensive flooding and mudslides and led to over 1,200 fatalities.

Highest one-minute sustained winds: 213 mph (345 kph) Lowest central pressure: 882 millibars Typhoon Nancy has held onto the number-one rank for strongest tropical cyclone (based on winds) for five decades and counting but its placement at the top isn't without controversy.

To demonstrate, the diagram below shows a rough profile of wind speed (blue) and surface pressure (red) across a hurricane. Between 100 and 200 kilometers from the eye, the winds are fast enough to qualify as tropical storm force. The atmospheric pressure here will still be relatively high compared to the storm's center at about 990 to 1010 millibars. However, the pressure gradually falls and the wind speed rises upon getting closer to the eye wall. It is only over the last 50 to ...

A typhoon with maximum sustained surface winds greather than or equal to 130 knots (approximately Category 5) is called a "super typhoon," and a hurricane of Category 3 and above is called a "major hurricane."

The tropical cyclone surface wind speed probabilities products provide probabilities of sustained (1-minute average) surface (10-meter elevation) wind speeds of at least 34 kt (39 mph, tropical storm force), 50 kt (58 mph), and 64 kt (74 mph, hurricane force) at individual locations in the Atlantic and eastern North Pacific basins. The location-

Highest winds: 10-minute sustained: 230 km/h (145 mph) 1-minute sustained: 315 km/h (195 mph) Lowest pressure: 895 hPa ; 26.43 inHg: Fatalities: 6,352 confirmed, 1,771 missing: Damage: $2.98 billion (2013 USD) Areas affected: Micronesia, Philippines, South China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Palau: Part of the 2013 Pacific typhoon season

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