What is the meaning of disaster response?

Marshall Wolf asked a question: What is the meaning of disaster response?
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The Business Dictionary provide a more comprehensive definition for "disaster response"; Aggregate of decisions and measures to (1) contain or mitigate the effects of a disastrous event to prevent any further loss of life and/or property, (2) restore order in its immediate aftermath, and (3) re-establish normality ...

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Definition. A "disaster", noun, is defined as a calamitous event, especially one occurring suddenly and causing great loss of life, damage or hardship such as a flood, aircraft crash or an angry person."Response" is defined (in this context) as: Noun: An answer or reply, as in words or in some action. The Business Dictionary provide a more comprehensive definition for "disaster response ...

Disaster response is predominantly focused on immediate and short-term needs and is sometimes called “disaster relief”. Response phase tasks may include search and rescue, firefighting, emergency medical support and evacuation. This is the phase where foreign militaries can best provide assistance.

Response is an effort to mitigate the impact of an incident on the public and the environment. large or complex incident will require the cooperation of several agencies, and DEM is likely to be among them. For many emergencies, DEM will play a supporting role in the overall state response.

The American College of Emergency Physicians defines disaster as “when the destructive effects of natural or man-made forces overwhelm the ability of a given area or community to meet the demand for health care.”

Emergency response Emergency response is the phase of the disaster-management cycle that often attracts the most attention and resources. During this phase, environmental health services may have a great impact on the health and well-being of affected communities. However, the impact achieved in the early days of the response is largely a test of previously-planned local and national ...

Your question concerns clarification on the definition of an emergency response. The HAZWOPER standard was written to cover a wide array of facilities. Releases of hazardous substances may require differing emergency responses depending on the facility, knowledge of the employees in the immediate area, and the equipment at their disposal. However, there are certain parameters that OSHA has ...

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