What is the size comparison of mercury and venus?

Junius Ortiz asked a question: What is the size comparison of mercury and venus?
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❔ Is mercury the same size as venus'?

No, Venus is bigger than mercury

❔ Is venus the same size as mercury?

No, Venus much larger than Mercury.

❔ What is the size comparison of earth and venus?

Earth has only 1.05 times the surface area of venus, which is one of the reasons why Venus is our twin planet. Earth-12,756 km Venus-12,104 km

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venus has about 2.41 times the surface area of mercury mercury-4,880 km venus-12,104 km

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Are mercury and venus friends?

Venus is a friend to Mercury and Saturn, and they both return the feeling. In fact Venus' relationship with Saturn is among the strongest and most steadfast in the sky – similar to the strong bond between Mars and the Sun.

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Distinguish planet venus from mercury?

Mercury is much closer to the sun than Venus. It has less of an atmosphere, much higher temperatures, and a very short year. Venus has an very sulfur-rich atmosphere, cooler temperatures than Mercury, and a longer year than Mercury.

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Is mercury venus conjunction good?

Meaning of Mercury-Venus Conjunction - Prima-facie it shows someone really good with numbers and calculation as Mercury & Venus are both best friends, Mercury represents Calculation and Venus represents Wealth. So, this person can be very good at counting and may be working in Finance related field.

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Is venus' or mercury hotter?

mercury is hotter Venus has long been considered the hottest planet due to the cloud cover and its creating an enormous greenhouse effect. I do not believe Mercury is hotter.

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Mercury venus earth mars are called what?

Terrestrial Planets.

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What does venus and mercury look like?

The composition of Venus and Mercury is similar, they're both terrestrial planets made of rock and metal. Mercury is more dense than Venus and thought to consist of 60-70% metal, with the rest rock… Both Venus and Mercury are within the orbit of Earth. This means that they're always located near the Sun in the sky.

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What happens if mercury collides with venus?

  • In one simulation, Mercury collides with Venus about 1.76 billion years from now.... In three other simulations, Mercury’s orbit becomes so lopsided that it falls into the sun [Science News]. Most of Mercury's maneuvers wouldn't have much effect on Earth, the researchers say.

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What planet is bigger mercury or venus?

Venus is larger than Mercury.

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What planet is first venus or mercury?

Mercury .

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What planet is hotter mercury or venus?

Mercury, because it is closer to the sun.

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What is the size venus?

12034.6 kms

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What is the comparison between venus and earth?

  • This means that Venus is roughly 0.9499 the size of Earth and 0.815 as massive. In terms of volume, the two planets are almost neck and neck, with Venus possessing 0.866 as much volume as Earth (928.45 billion cubic km compared to Earth's 1083.21 billion).

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What is the comparison of venus to earth?

Venus is a little bit smaller than earth and venus is made out of lava that's the comparison of venus and earth

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Does venus and mercury have moons?

  • Mercury and Venus do not have moons. This is because any moon orbiting around them would be in an unstable orbit and would most likely be swallowed by the mammoth gravitational pull of our solar system’s mighty Sun. Whenever we look up at the night sky, we see a greyish-white object hung brightly among thousands of other visible stars.

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How are mercury and venus alike?

They are both rocky planets

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How are mercury venus earth different?

Earth has water, oxygen, and life on it. Mercury is rocky very hot dead planet with no atmosphere. Venus is a dead planet covered with extremely hot poisonous gas with a very thick atmosphere that crushes anything on the surface.

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How far is venus from mercury?

When they're both on the same side of the sun, they're approximately 42 million km (26 million miles) apart. When they're on opposite sides of the sun, they're about 174 million km (108 million miles) apart.

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How is venus hotter than mercury?

  • The reason why Venus is hotter than Mercury is because it has a thick atmosphere primarily made up of carbon dioxide. In comparison to this, Mercury has almost no atmosphere, so any heat that beats down on the planet isn’t retained. How hot can the planet get? Well, on average Venus has been shown to stay at a temperature of around 460°c.

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Mercury venus earth and mars are?

Terrestrial planets. They are also called Inner Planets.

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Venus is hotter than mercury why?

  • Another reason why Venus is hotter than Mercury is that it is shrouded by an opaque layer of highly reflective clouds of sulfuric acid. Both the thick atmosphere of the planet composed of carbon dioxide and the shroud of thick sulfuric acid clouds make Venus highly absorbent of radiant heat from the Sun.

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Venus surface is hotter than mercury?

Yes, Venus is hotter than Mercury.

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When will mercury and venus collide?

  • If Mercury were to impact Venus , even if it began by creeping up on it very, very slowly so as to have as little kinetic energy as possible, it would fall into Venus's gravitational well and release gravitational energy enough to melt both bodies. The resulting mess would take ca. 10-100 million years for a crust to resolidify.

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Why is venus brighter than mercury?

Unlike Mercury, Venus has an atmosphere that consists mostly of carbon dioxide, and this atmosphere has a good reflective property thus making it appear bright. Also Venus is much closer to the earth, making it much more noticeable.

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