What kind of damage did hurricane irma cause?

Declan Yundt asked a question: What kind of damage did hurricane irma cause?
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How much damage did Hurricane Irma cause? Irma is the fifth-costliest hurricane to hit the mainland United States and caused an estimated $50 billion in damage, according to the National Hurricane Center.

  • Hurricane Irma struck Cuba as a Category 5 storm in early September 2017. Winds of up to 200 km/h pummeled the island, particularly the north central coast. The winds, intense rain and flooding caused power outages, damaged homes and infrastructure, destroyed crops and contaminated water sources. What kind of damage did Hurricane Irma do?

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Irma moved northward through the day on September 10th, gradually losing intensity but continuing to bring widespread wind damage and heavy rainfall along its track. By the morning of Monday, September 11th, then-Tropical Storm Irma moved into Georgia with a very large wind field containing at least tropical storm force wind gusts (39+mph).

Aside from the warming atmosphere, rising sea level and surface ocean warming have likely contributed to the impact of both Irma and Harvey." Hurricane Irma – devastation caused in pictures Show...

The ninth named storm, fourth hurricane, second major hurricane, and first Category 5 hurricane of the 2017 season, Irma caused widespread and catastrophic damage throughout its long lifetime, particularly in the northeastern Caribbean and the Florida Keys.

The damage to a post office caused by Hurricane Irma in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Sept. 7, 2017. Dutch officials said that 70 percent of the homes on St. Maarten were damaged or destroyed ...

Hurricane Irma may have caused $42.5 billion to $65 billion in wind and flood damage, according to a preliminary estimate from CoreLogic.

How much damage did Hurricane Irma cause? The wind and water damage in the United States caused by Hurricane Irma totaled $50.0 billion, according to the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information. This makes Irma the fifth-costliest hurricane to affect the United States, behind Katrina (2005), Harvey (2017), Maria (2017) and Sandy (2012).

The Bahamas escaped the worst of Irma’s wrath, with no casualties or major infrastructure damages reported despite several downed power lines, toppled trees, debris and roofs damaged.

Hurricane Irma left a trail of damage across South Florida: flooded streets, downed trees, crushed cars, collapsed cranes, leaky homes. The long slog of assessing the damage across the region began...

Waves from Hurricane Irma reached the toe of the dunes in Ponte Vedra, causing the dune face to erode and leaving a steep scarp. The predicted probability of dune erosion for this location was 58%.

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