What major is astronomy under?

Mckenna Gutmann asked a question: What major is astronomy under?
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What Kinds of Students Major in Astronomy? Astronomy is generally recognized as a sub-field within physics. In order to be successful in this field a student must be very strong in physics, mathematics and the sciences, generally.

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Most astronomy degree programs also include some core modules in physics, covering topics such as Newtonian dynamics, electromagnetism and atomic physics. Other astronomy topics covered may include the history of astronomy, and opportunities to gain practical skills in current observational methods.

Students intending to continue in any physics or astronomy specialization should be competent in MATH and PHYS. It is advisable that a student entering any specialization in physics or astronomy have a minimum average of 60% in first-year PHYS and 60% in first-year MATH. Below is a short description of the Astronomy Major's program.

Overview. Astronomers are the science professionals who research the components of space, including the stars, the planets, and galaxies near and far. Like other types of scientists, astronomers seek to answer questions about the natural and physical world and devise theories. However, astronomers face a unique challenge.

Undergraduate Program. Astronomy is a quantitative physical science that applies physics, mathematics and statistical analysis to observing, describing and modeling the Universe. The undergraduate courses and degree programs offered by the Department of Astronomy trains students in research techniques and quantitative reasoning and develops ...

Astronomy is all-encompassing that studies matter outside of Earth. The branches of astronomy are astrophysics, astrometry, astrogeology and astrobiology.

For some reason, a lot of students seem to think astronomy is about looking up at the sky through telescopes. Ha, how silly is that? Astronomy isn’t about any of that crap. Astronomy is physics. At most schools, astronomy is a specialization withi...

Astronomy Major. Description: A general program that focuses on the planetary, galactic, and stellar phenomena occurring in outer space. Includes instruction in celestial mechanics, cosmology, stellar physics, galactic evolution, quasars, stellar distribution and motion, interstellar medium, atomic and molecular constituents of astronomical phenomena, planetary science, solar system evolution ...

Astronomy majors have a more flexible curriculum and can combine coursework with other areas of interest, and these students may go on to careers in medicine, journalism, law or education.

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