What major natural disaster happened to maine in 1998?

Valentin Bednar asked a question: What major natural disaster happened to maine in 1998?
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the ice storm of 1998

Twenty years later, the ice storm of 1998 still stands among Maine's greatest natural disasters. More than half of the state's population lost power, some for more than two weeks. All 16 counties were declared federal disaster areas and 11 million acres of forest were affected.

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The last time a Maine governor ordered a large-scale deployment of the National Guard in Maine was during the ice storm of 1998. For the first time last month, Maine police officers traveled to ...

Natural Hazards. Natural hazards are natural events that threaten lives, property, and other assets. Often, natural hazards can be predicted. They tend to occur repeatedly in the same geographical locations because they are related to weather patterns or physical characteristics of an area. Natural hazards such as flood, fire, earthquake ...

The ice storm of 1998 killed 16 people and caused an adjusted $2.2 billion in damages. It also knocked out power for 80% of Maine’s residents, according to the NOAA. The entire state was declared a disaster area as it was coated in ice as much as 3 inches thick that snapped power lines, downed trees and shut down roadways.

This huge storm hit the state in 1998, knocking out power for half of Maine. Power remained out for over two weeks in January and the damage was estimated to cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Mobilization of the Maine National Guard was necessary and it is still considered one of the worst natural disasters in the state's history.

1998 In Review: A Year Of Natural Disasters. Washington, 9 December 1998 (RFE-RL) -- Storms, floods, drought and fires caused record human and economic losses worldwide in 1998. The Worldwatch ...

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Despite hard winters and heavy snowfall in the last few years, the Nor'easter of 1969 has gone down in history as one of the worst in Maine. harquail / Flickr. A few weeks ago we told you about the ice storm that ravaged Maine in 1998. To read about it, click here.

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