What to do when a typhoon occurs?

Mona Skiles asked a question: What to do when a typhoon occurs?
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During a Hurricane or Typhoon

  1. Listen to the radio or TV for information and keep your weather radio handy.
  2. Secure your home, close storm shutters and secure outdoor objects or bring them indoors.
  3. Turn off utilities if instructed to do so…
  4. Turn off propane tanks.
  5. Avoid using the phone, except for serious emergencies.

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During Typhoon. If no advice to evacuate was announced, then better stay inside your house. Keep yourself calm and postpone any scheduled travels. Keep on monitoring the typhoon’s movement through your television, radio or the internet. If you see signs of water rising, better turn off the main sources of electricity.

During the Typhoon: Stay inside the house. Always keep yourself updated with the latest weather report. If safe drinking water is not available, boil water for at least 20 minutes. Place it in a container with cover. Keep an eye on lighted candles or gas lamps. Do not wade through floodwaters to ...

What to do during a typhoon During a typhoon, listen to weather updates if possible, stay alert for any sign of threat in your area and do the following: Remain calm and stay inside your house or the evacuation center. Turn off main switch for utilities like water and electricity.

Here is our list and things to prepare before a Typhoon. 1. Check the house for possible damage. Make sure that your house should ready enough to encounter expected strong winds and flash floods. Any damage found should be repair and fixed immediately. Roof. Doors. Windows.

A typhoon is a region-specific term given to a type of tropical cyclone, usually occurring within the northwestern region of the Pacific Ocean, west of the International Date Line. These same systems in other regions are referred to as either hurricanes, or more generally, tropical cyclones. The center of a cyclone is ...

Though a reduction of the rate of global warming would be the only permanent solution to an increase in future threats from typhoons, it is also important for the governments of typhoon-prone countries to quickly devise new policies and disaster management plans to better handle the effects of these tropical cyclones in the coming years.

What to do before, during, and after a Typhoon. Store an adequate supply of food and clean water. Prepare foods that need not be cooked. Keep flashlights, candles and battery-powered radios within easy reach. Examine your house and repair its unstable parts.

If you live in a coastal area, have a hurricane plan in place with supplies to cover your home's windows and secure outdoor objects. If a hurricane is approaching, listen to a local TV or radio...

Typhoon refers to a tropical cyclonic storm that originates in the western Pacific Ocean; in the Atlantic, the same kinds of storms (tropical cyclones) are called hurricanes. Large masses of clouds that spiral around a central point, or eye, characterize typhoons. Infamous for their destructive powers, typhoons can generate winds of more than 75 ...

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