What was the first tornado in the us?

Josefina Herzog asked a question: What was the first tornado in the us?
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It is believed that a journal entry made by Massachusetts Bay Colony governor John Winthrop on July 5, 1643, is the first recorded sighting of a tornado in what would become the United States.

In July 1643 Governor John Winthrop described a sort of wind gust that could have possibly been one of the first recorded tornadoes in history. Winthrop, who was ever conscious of the weather, recorded that there was a sudden gust in northeastern Massachusetts and costal New Hampshire.

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It is impossible to know when or where the first actual tornado in U.S. history occurred as there would have been nobody around to record it.The first recorded U.S. tornado occurred before the U.S. was even founded as a nation. That tornado occurred in Rehoboth, Massachusetts in August of 1671.

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