What year did typhoon karen hit guam?

Hassie Turcotte asked a question: What year did typhoon karen hit guam?
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Guam, a United States territory in the Western Pacific, was severely battered by Typhoon Karen on Novemb er 11, 1962. It was the greatest natural disaster ever to strike Guam in recent years.

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Typhoon Karen was the most powerful tropical cyclone to strike the island of Guam, and has been regarded as one of the most destructive events in the island's history. It was first identified as a tropical disturbance on November 6, 1962, well to the southeast of Truk .

Guam. It was Guam’s third most intense storm with sustained winds of 144 miles per hour (mph), gusts to 173 mph, and a pressure of 27.61 inches (935 millibars [mb]). Only two storms exceeded Super Typhoon Pongsona—Karen in 1962, 27.52 inches (932 mb) and 155 mph winds sustained; and the Typhoon of 1900, 27.35 inches (926 mb), wind speed unknown.

Karen, 11 Nov. 1962; Pamela, 21 May 1976; Roy, 12 Jan. 1988; Russ, 8 Dec. 1990; Yuri, 27 No. 1991; Omar, 28 Aug 1992; Gay, ? Dec. 1992; Paka, 16 Dec. 1997; Chata'an, 4 July 2002; Ponsongwa, 8 Dec. 2002

Typhoons on Guam. By Rose5720. Sep 7, 1961. Nancy Nov 11, 1962. Super Typhoon Karen Category 5 typhoon May 21, 1976. Pamela Jan 12, 1988. Roy Dec 8, 1990. Typhoon Russ Nov 27, 1991. Yuri Aug 28, 1992. Super Typhoon Omar Dec 16, 1997. Super Typhoon Paka Jul 4, 2002. Chata'an ...

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The lowest pressure on the island was 935 millibars (27.61 inHg), making Pongsona the third most intense typhoon to strike Guam; it is behind only a typhoon in 1900 (926 mbar, 27.34 inHg) and Typhoon Karen of 1962 (932 mbar, 27.52 inHg).

At 7 p.m. CHST, local time, Guam (4 a.m. EST/0900 UTC) on Nov. 29, the National Weather Service in Tiyan, Guam noted that the center of typhoon Kammuri was located near latitude 14.5 degrees north and longitude 137.3 degrees east. That puts the eye of Kammuri about 350 miles north-northwest of Ulithi, 350 miles north of Yap, 395 miles north-northwest of Fais and 505 miles west of Guam.

Paka was not the first serious storm to hit Guam, however. On 11 November 1962, Supertyphoon Karen roared ashore. Its wind gusts, while not recorded, were estimated near 185 miles per hour.

It impacted Guam, the Philippines (as a Category 4 equivalent), and Vietnam, causing $100 million in damage and more than 300 deaths. These three tie Rita as the eighth-strongest storm (by winds): Typhoon Wynne, 1980: 890 mb; Typhoon Yuri, 1991: 895 mb; Hurricane Camille, 1969: 900 mb

The Bureau has compiled post tropical cyclone reports going back to 1970. Read these to learn more about the impacts of individual cyclones

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