What's the range of a welder in space engineers?

Junior Wuckert asked a question: What's the range of a welder in space engineers?
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  • If the Welder is connected to a conveyor system, the components can be pulled from there. Range of effect is 3 small blocks on small ship and 4 small blocks on a large ship. Range is spherical and centered roughly on the welding tip. Warning: the welder tip is lethal to players when active.

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After some cursory research (and a really crappily-put-together test), I'm under the impression that ship welders have really pitiful range and/or … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts

The Welder is used to assemble blocks, and it'll retrieve the Components from neighboring connected Cargo Containers or its internal inventory. It's function is exactly the same as the Welder Tool, so it will assemble any blocks, provided the components are already placed there. It assembles blocks at an increased speed compared to the hand ...

I think if you press F11, you'll get an option menu that enables you to view "Debug draw" or something like that (I think there are 3 different options). I believe one of those options will let you view the welder radius. 3. level 2. Seamus_Donohue. Space Engineer.

How do I increase the range of my hand welder (specifically the elite one)? I've built a weld ship, but it won't quite get into the right place and there's a couple of conveyers deep in the build I need to get to and I'm getting frustrated. :) I think I need to copy an sbc to a ...

1 year ago. Well there is a mod named Compact Tools Fix, that in addition to more compact grinders and welder gives you a choice between short/medium/long range grinders and welders. To get rid of welding just get the nanobot build and repair system mod. 1. level 2.

Hello, Thrusters have a damage range that is not same for all ones presents in the game. As I know the fastest way to get the damage range of a thruster is to put a line of light armoured blocks in front of the thruster's output and see how many explode (or put a block, check with a hand welder if it takes damages and remove it in case it goes to explode) Another way is to use the builder info ...

From Space Engineers Wiki Jump to: navigation, search Tool Elite Welder Components Required Iron Ingot 5 Nickel Ingot 1 Cobalt Ingot 0.2 Platinum Ingot 2 Mass 5 kg 5,000 g 5,000,000 mg 0.005 t Volume 8 L ...

Title, I think long ago there was a way to some some range 'bubbles' on the welders. Hi, if it was in = I never noticed and used. 1 - Create a testing world. 2 - Build a welder. 3 - Use projector block to spawn a Blueprint. 4 - Test to see how much block will be build if you aim at only one block.

They were able to only build one block in front of them or atleast directly around the welding bit in front of it but not inside other blocks. I would love it if this was the case again. TL:DR Change the range of the welders so that they dont build inside of themselfes or inside pre-excisting blocks or only one(1) or two(2) blocks directly in front of the welding bit.

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