When did hurricane hugo hit charlotte nc?

Angus Sawayn asked a question: When did hurricane hugo hit charlotte nc?
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Hurricane Hugo made landfall in South Carolina on Sept. 22, 1989. It reached Charlotte about five hours later, and what it left behind cannot be denied. Hugo swept through Charlotte like a thief in the night.

When did Hurricane Hugo hit Charlotte NC?

  • Take a look at when Hurricane Hugo hit Charlotte in 1989. The Queen City was hit pretty hard when Hurricane Hugo rammed through the state.

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Hurricane Hugo hit the South Carolina coast hard in September 1989, and while many did not think it would be able to travel as far inland as Charlotte… it did.

Hugo made landfall just north of Charleston, SC at Sullivan's Island around midnight September 22, 1989 as a Category 4 storm with estimated maximum sustained winds of 135-140 mph and a minimum central pressure of 934 mb (27.58 inches of Hg).

Hurricane Hugo was a powerful Cape Verde tropical cyclone that inflicted widespread damage across the northeastern Caribbean and the Southeastern United States in September 1989. Across its track, Hugo affected approximately 2 million people. Its direct effects killed 67 people and inflicted $11 billion in damage.

North Carolina Western Piedmont and Foothills : Hugo finally weakened below hurricane strength as it accelerated northward between Hickory and Morganton during the morning of September 22, 1989.

The weather in Charlotte on Sept. 21, 1989 – a Thursday – fed the false sense of calm. It was sunny and unseasonably warm, in the upper 80s. Clouds began to arrive during the evening commute, and...

Folks who lived in Charlotte on Sept. 22, 1989, will remember it as the night Hurricane Hugo barreled through town, its 80 mph winds snapping trees, exploding electrical transformers and turning ...

Although many people believe the mascot of the NBA's Charlotte Hornets, Hugo, would take his name from this storm, it did not; Hugo the Hornet was created one year before the storm hit Charlotte. 1993: Hurricane Emily was a Category 3 storm when it approached the Outer Banks.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — September 22, 2019, marks the 30th anniversary of Hurricane Hugo making landfall just north of Charleston, South Carolina. The monster storm had formed over the eastern Atlantic...

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Rushing 85 mile an hour winds paralyzed the Carolinas largest city. Hurricane Hugo's sneak attack lasted for just a few hours, but a full recovery would take years. Several times a day came the progress reports. Local government's point man with the chore of easing the fear and frustration was former Assistant City Manager Don Steger. "We didn't know that 95 percent of the power in this community was out," he recalls. "We didn't know most streets were impassable, but ...

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