When did it last snow in thailand?

Annamae Ledner asked a question: When did it last snow in thailand?
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According to Thailand's national weather archives, it did snow, once! The only ever official (I use that word loosely) snow recorded in Thailand was in Chiang Rai on 7th January 1955 (see the picture below). According to the notice on this picture, the snow (sort of) came after rainfall at 6pm.


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♻️ Does thailand get snow?

So to answer, does it snow in Thailand? No it does not snow in Thailand. There are reports of 'snow' back in January 1955 in Chiang Rai, this was the coldest temperature ever was recorded in Thailand at around 2 °C.

♻️ When was the last monsoon in thailand?

The rainy season in Thailand varies depending on the region and is influenced by the monsoon. In most of Thailand rainy season is experienced from May to October. The rainy season on the east coast of Southern Thailand (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan) normally starts later and can last until the beginning of December.

♻️ When did it last snow in honduras?

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When do monsoons occur in thailand?

From July to October is the monsoon, when most of Thailand's annual rainfall is accumulated and flooding can ravage the country. The humidity averages just under 90%, with temperatures averaging around 29 degrees Celsius in a very wet and rainy Bangkok.

When do typhoons occur in thailand?

Thailand is typically prone to typhoons from June through December, although they are more common from September to November. Indian Ocean cyclones can occur year-round due to the warm sea but are most common between April and December.