When was nasa's budget cut?

Dolores Farrell asked a question: When was nasa's budget cut?
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NASA's annual budget, which had reached $5 billion in the mid-1960s and stood at almost $4 billion in 1969, was reduced to $3.7 billion in 1970 and just over $3 billion in 1974.

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NASA's budget was cut slightly during the 2008 financial crisis and during sequestration. A look at the year-by-year appropriations: FY 2021: $25.2 billion requested by the Trump administration

NASA's budget peaked in 1964–66 when it consumed roughly 4% of all federal spending. The agency was building up to the first Moon landing and the Apollo program was a top national priority, consuming more than half of NASA's budget and driving NASA's workforce to more than 34,000 employees and 375,000 contractors from industry and academia.

NASA's budget peaked during the Apollo program in the 1960s. After the United States won the race to the Moon, space exploration lost political support and NASA's budget was cut significantly. Since the 1970s, NASA has hovered between 1% and 0.5% of all U.S. government spending.

President Trump signed H.R. 1158 into law on 20 Dec 2019, averting another government shutdown and closing the book on NASA's FY 2020 budget. 2019 Enacted 2020 PBR*

Finally, Project Apollo's termination in 1969-1970 makes mandatory a sharp drop in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration budget.

With a budget increase of more than 6% from the previous year, NASA will continue to boost its ingenuity in exploration, technology, aeronautics and science. This is a year of innovation. NASA FY 2022 Budget Request, released May 28, 2021

NASA’s fiscal year 2020 budget request is facing scrutiny from nearly all quarters for its proposals to cut science missions and education programs.

This year's is the first budget request released since Vice President Mike Pence announced the acceleration of NASA's moon landing goal to 2024, a change that occurred in March 2019 and prompted an...

Amidst a record-breaking $4.7 trillion budget, NASA's funding is being slashed to a record-low of 0.45% of federal expenditures (a level not seen since 1960), with science, NASA astrophysics, and ...

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