When was the last bad hurricane in tampa florida?

Sydney Lubowitz asked a question: When was the last bad hurricane in tampa florida?
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The Tampa Bay hurricane of 1921 (also known as the 1921 Tarpon Springs hurricane) was the most recent major hurricane to strike the Tampa Bay Area and the second latest major hurricane to strike the continental United States in the calendar year on record, behind Hurricane Zeta in 2020.

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Phoenix 2.0 echoes the last major hurricane to make landfall in Tampa Bay: The 1921 Tampa Bay hurricane, which came ashore Oct. 25 in Tarpon Springs, just 20 miles north of Phoenix’s simulated...

Sarasota is a vulnerable city located in the South of Tampa Bay, bordering the Gulf of Mexico, Manatee River, Little Sarasota Bay, and inter-coastal waterways. Statistics show that Sarasota has been affected directly or indirectly 36 times in the last 146 years including the Storm Emily and Hurricane Irma of 2017.

The last major hurricane to make a direct hit on the Tampa Bay area was 100 years ago in October 1921. The Tampa Bay Hurricane, as it is now known, actually created the Honeymoon and Caladesi...

October 10 — Hurricane Michael made landfall at 17:30 UTC near Mexico Beach, Florida with maximum sustained winds of 160 mph (255 km/h), making it the strongest hurricane on record to strike the Florida panhandle, and the first Category 5 hurricane to hit the United States since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

We have heard a great deal lately about the anniversary of the 1921 Tampa Bay Hurricane, which was the last major hurricane to hit Tampa Bay as a Category 3 in late October 1921.

The last powerful storm to hit the area was the 1921 Tampa Bay hurricane. This storm peaked at Category 4, with winds exceeding 140mph. Despite its power and a 10-12 storm surge, though, there were few fatalities and about $110 million in inflation-adjusted damages to the area.

The Key West Hurricane, also known as the 1919 Hurricane was the fifth-worst in the history of Florida. This storm started as a tropical wave on the 2nd of September. The system intensified to a tropical depression and by September 7th, it became a hurricane.

The Tampa Bay Hurricane of 1848 was an absolute monster storm; consensus is that the storm developed in the central Gulf region. The 1946 Florida Hurricane developed off the coast of Guatemala. What’s of great concern with a direct hit to Tampa Bay is that the region has a shallow continental shelf, with very warm water.

In fact, 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the last hurricane to strike the region, the 1921 Tampa Bay Hurricane aka the 1921 Tarpon Springs Hurricane.

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