Where did hurricane harvey hit in the us?

Bailey Reinger asked a question: Where did hurricane harvey hit in the us?
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Where and when did Hurricane Harvey make landfall? Harvey first made landfall over San Jose Island and then near Rockport, in south-central Texas, late Aug. 25 as a Category 4 hurricane, threatening millions of residents with 130-mph winds, heavy rains, and a massive storm surge that swamped coastal areas.

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Winds over 90 mph hit Texas early Saturday as residents braced for heavy rains that could bring catastrophic flooding over the next few days. WBBM-TV meteorologist Megan Glaros joins CBSN with...

Harvey was a catastrophic flood disaster in southeast Texas. Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 Hurricane with winds of 130 mph near Rockport, Texas. Harvey meandered around southern Texas for...

Flood-inundation map of the upper reach of the Brazos River for the August and September 2017 Hurricane Harvey-related flood event in southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana. The area where Townsen Boulevard intersects U.S. Highway 59, about 0.65 mile southwest of a USGS streamgage (station 08069500), on the West Fork San Jacinto River near Humble, Texas on August 30, 2017.

Houston received the brunt of Harvey’s rain, with parts of the city receiving more than 50 inches (here are more detailed maps of Houston). The storm made its final landfall in East Texas and...

Published Sep. 2, 2017 Hurricane Harvey, which dumped an estimated 27 trillion gallons of water on Texas and Louisiana, looks to be one of the most damaging natural disasters in U.S. history....

Rockport and Fulton were hardest by the storm as they took a direct hit from Harvey's eyewall. Many structures, residences, and business in and near the Rockport and Fulton area were damaged or destroyed, as roofs were blown off and walls collapsed.

Hurricane Harvey is the first hurricane to hit the Texas coast since 2008 when Hurricane Ike came through the Houston area and the first major (category 3 or better) hurricane to hit Texas since Bret in 1999.

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