Where does a derecho occur?

Wyman Huel asked a question: Where does a derecho occur?
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Derechos in the United States most commonly occur along two axes. One extends along the "Corn Belt" from the upper Mississippi Valley southeast into the Ohio Valley, and the other from the southern Plains northeast into the mid Mississippi Valley (figure below).

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Derechos in the United States typically occur along two axes. One axis extends along the "Corn Belt" from the upper Mississippi Valley into the Ohio Valley. The other warm season axis extends from the southern Plains into the mid-Mississippi Valley.

Derechos happen when the right conditions for downbursts occur over a wide area. In fact, a derecho’s path of damage is at least 240 miles long. That’s a huge storm! As the storm grows in size, it forms what are known as bow echoes—large curved packs of thunderstorms that race forward in one direction.

Low-dewpoint derechos most often occur between late fall and early spring in association with strong low pressure systems, and are a form of hybrid derecho. On occasion they appear during the warmer half of the year, especially

Where derechos occur Derechos are a global phenomenon, but they primarily occur across the central and eastern United States, which see an average of one to two of these storms per year, compared...

A derecho is a large cluster of thunderstorms with high winds that can be tens of miles wide and hundreds of miles long. "A tornado, when it does occur, may be on the magnitude of a mile or two wide; a derecho could go for

Chicago area derechos tend to occur in years when intense heat lies just to the south of the city, and seldom or not at all, when Chicago lies within the hot air dome or when the dome of heat is...

These systems typically occur across Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. People can also experience derechos across the U.S. Southeast, the Great Lakes region, and the Ohio River Valley. In...

Derechos occur in southeastern South America (particularly Argentina and southern Brazil) and South Africa as well, and on rarer occasions, close to or north of the 60th parallel in northern Canada. Primarily a mid-latitudes phenomenon, derechos do occur in the Amazon Basin of Brazil.

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