Where is hurricane zeta headed?

Connor Kub asked a question: Where is hurricane zeta headed?
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The 2020 hurricane season continues to overachieve as Hurricane Zeta formed Monday as it heads toward Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The storm is taking a track similar to Hurricane Delta, striking near Cozumel, Mexico, and then heading towards the Northern Gulf Coast.

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SUMMARY OF WATCHES AND WARNINGS IN EFFECT:A Hurricane Warning is in effect for...* Tulum to Dzilam Mexico* CozumelA Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for.....

Hurricane Zeta 4 The synoptic pattern was changing rapidly ahead of Zeta as a deep-layer cutoff low over the southwestern United States moved eastward. This low caused the ridge over the Gulf of Mexico to erode from the west, and the tropical cyclone moved northwestward on 27 October across the southern Gulf of Mexico…

After making landfall in Mexico, Zeta headed for Louisiana. CANCUN, Mexico (AP) — Storm-weary Louisiana is once again under a hurricane warning, with Zeta leaving Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula on ...

‘Brutal’ Hurricane Zeta Makes Landfall In Louisiana (Forbes) UPDATE: Storms delay or cancel early voting in 16 Georgia counties (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) Yet Another Hurricane Headed For ...

Transcript for Where the storm is headed next after Zeta’s landfall Down the road we find gig nearby Lochte, Mississippi, with more on where the storm is headed next. Good morning, ginger.

Zeta is the latest letter in the Greek alphabet to ever reach hurricane status. This season is only the second in history to ever use Greek letters for hurricanes after the normal storm list ran out.

Hurricane Zeta’s predicted path. Photo via US National Weather Service Birmingham Alabama’s Facebook. Gov. Kay Ivey issued a state of emergency on Tuesday in anticipation of the Category 1 hurricane Zeta. The storm is expected to make landfall to the west of Alabama Wednesday afternoon and move its way up towards Birmingham.

Hurricane Zeta has been upgraded to a Category 2 storm with maximum wind speeds of 105 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. It it about 100 miles south of New Orleans and is expected ...

“At the 4:00 p.m. phone call, Transocean and Beacon ordered the vessel to stay latched despite Hurricane Zeta headed directly toward them,” the complaint continued. “Plaintiff, along with other crewmembers on board, strongly disagreed with the decision to stay latched but had no other options but to obey orders.”

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