Where is the coolest place on venus?

Kassandra Koepp asked a question: Where is the coolest place on venus?
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In contrast, the nightside Venusian thermosphere is the coldest place on Venus with temperature as low as 100 K (−173 °C).

In contrast, the nightside Venusian thermosphere is the coldest place on Venus with temperature as low as 100 K (−173 °C). It is even called a cryosphere. The circulation patterns in the upper mesosphere and thermosphere of Venus are completely different from those in the lower atmosphere.


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  • Due to its elevation it is the coolest (about 380 °C or 716 °F) and least pressurised (about 45 bar or 44 atm) location on the surface of Venus. The origin of the Lakshmi Planum and the mountain belts such as Maxwell Montes is controversial.

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♻️ Venus of urbino place where was painted?

In 1654 the work was in the villa of Poggio Imperiale, just outside the city. According to documents, in 1736 the painting was already in the Uffizi Gallery heritage. The Venus by Titian is a very famous painting.

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  • Although the surface of Venus is obscured by thick clouds, radar signals were bounced of the surface of the planet in 1961. This allowed astronomers to calculate its radius accurately, and measure its speed of rotation. They also discovered that its axis of rotation is almost zero.
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  • Venus is brightest when it is 39 degrees from the Sun. This occurs 36 days before and after its full phase. When Venus is close to the Earth it has an angular diameter five times that of when it is furthest away. The image to the right shows the motion of Venus against the background stars.
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  • Because of the International Date Line, some parts of the world saw the transit on June 6. Venus transits occur when Venus reaches a point in its orbit that brings the planet directly between the Earth and the sun.
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  • Venus is a hellish place of high temperatures and crushing air pressure. The European Space Agency's Venus Express mission adds into this mix the first confirmation that the Venusian atmosphere generates its own lightning.
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  • Venus would not be a pleasant place for people to live in the solar system. The planet's active volcanoes and runaway greenhouse effect would make it a difficult place to survive. Between its desiccated, red-orange landscape and surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead, Venus is our solar system's analog to hell.
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  • The next transits of Venus will take place on 10–11 December 2117, and 8 December 2125. Venus transits are historically of great scientific importance as they were used to gain the first realistic estimates of the size of the Solar System. Observations of the 1639 transit, combined with the principle of parallax,...
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