Which areas of houston were flooded during hurricane harvey?

Katlynn Mosciski asked a question: Which areas of houston were flooded during hurricane harvey?
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The Kingwood-area, which was among the hardest hit during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, had among the highest numbers of complaints, according City of Houston 311 flood data for the past 12 months. One Kingwood resident reported flooding multiple times throughout the year, first in Jan. and as recent as Sept.

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Among the areas with the most damage and need based off FEMA applications are: Port Arthur (77642); Addicks/Bear Creek (77084), which is partially located in the Addicks Reservoir in west Harris ...

The Arkema chemical plant is 34 kilometers from Houston. Work at it stopped on Friday before the hurricane hit. However, due to heavy rainfall, the plant area was flooded, the power went out, and backup generators were also out of service. The plant produces organic peroxides, which are used in applications ranging from pharmaceuticals to ...

Keep in mind that while no known homes flooded during Harvey, the area experiences significant street flooding even during heavy rains. Southgate Sam Houston Monument / Photo by Agsftw / CC BY-SA. Southgate escaped the worst of Harvey. The neighborhood borders major job centers like Rice University and the Medical District.

Hurricane Harvey damaged at least 69,000 properties in the county. The Harris County Flood Control District prioritizes buyouts in neighborhoods where flooding can’t be fixed through engineering....

Flood-inundation map of the upper reach of the Brazos River for the August and September 2017 Hurricane Harvey-related flood event in southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana. The area where Townsen Boulevard intersects U.S. Highway 59, about 0.65 mile southwest of a USGS streamgage (station 08069500), on the West Fork San Jacinto River near Humble, Texas on August 30, 2017.

Structures flooded in Lake Houston area by watershed and political jurisdiction. From this damage map, it’s clear that Kingwood suffered the most home damage in the upper Lake Houston area during Hurricane Harvey. Harris County Food Control has worked diligently to map damage due to Harvey.

The Addicks and Barker reservoirs were set to release flood water into the Buffalo Bayou, a river running through the centre of the city. Levee breaks What’s next for Harvey?

Houston recorded 96,410 flooded homes, followed by unincorporated Harris County with 34,600, according to the report released nine months after the storm. Exclusively on HoustonChronicle.com ...

Harvey dumped an unprecedented amount of rain across the Houston metropolitan area and the flooding was widespread. Some of the hardest hit areas, like Memorial, gained ongoing media attention. The curfew in place in that neighborhood was only lifted Friday, 10 days after the citywide curfew had been lifted.

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