Which muscles elevate and retract the mandible?

Camilla Johns asked a question: Which muscles elevate and retract the mandible?
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  • The function of the anterior and mid fibers of the temporalis muscle is to elevate the mandible. The posterior fibers of the temporalis muscle function to retract the mandible. The medial pterygoid muscle is a thick rectangular muscle with a superficial head and a deep head.


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♻️ Which muscles elevate the mandible quizlet?

  • Mylohyoid. Action: elevates the hyoid and base of the tongue…
  • Anterior Digastric. Depresses the mandible, important for pharyngeal swallow initiation…
  • Geniohyoid. Elevates hyoid and tongue and depresses mandible.
  • Masseter…
  • Temporalis…
  • Medial Pterygoid…
  • Lateral Pterygoid.

♻️ When chewing what muscles elevate the mandible?

The function of the masseter muscle is to elevate the mandible and approximate the teeth—additionally, the intermediate and deep muscle fibers of the masseter function to retract the mandible.

♻️ What muscles elevate and retract the scapula?

Structure and Function

Retraction is accomplished by the actions of the trapezius, rhomboids, and latissimus dorsi muscles. The elevation is accomplished by the trapezius, levator scapulae, and rhomboid muscles.

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Temporalis muscle

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Which muscles elevate the soft palate?

  • The soft palate consists of five muscles (levator veli palatini, tensor veli palatini, uvulae, palatoglossus, and palatopharyngeus) covered with stratified squamous epithelium on the oral surface and on most of the nasal surface. The soft palate has an important role in speech and swallowing.
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What muscle and or muscles elevate the scapula?

The levator scapulae muscle originates from the transverse processes of the cervical vertebra and descends to attach to the superior (uppermost) and medial (near the midline) corner of the scapula. This muscle elevates the scapula.

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  • Underactive muscles when shoulders elevate in Pushing Assessment Mid and lower trapezius, rhomboids, rotator cuff Corrective strategy for head protruding forward on Pulling Assessment Keep head in neutral position during all exercises Movement observations with overactive TFL Knees move inward, excessive forward lean, low back arches.
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