Which planet has severe dust storms at hurricane speeds?

Alejandra Labadie asked a question: Which planet has severe dust storms at hurricane speeds?
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Mars has an atmosphere which is much thinner than the atmosphere on Earth, but which still creates winds. When these winds pick up the fine, dry particles of dust on Mars, a dust storm can occur. Most dust storms cover an area for a few days and carry small particles of dust at speeds of 33 to 66 miles per hour.

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The highest wind speed ever recorded on Earth during a hurricane was in 1996, during Tropical Cyclone Cynthia when gusts reached 408 km/h (253 mph). At Saturn ’s North Pole there is an extremely...

By Earth standards, Hurricane Irene is a monster storm. But it's just a baby compared to the massive cyclones of Jupiter and Saturn. Our planet is not the only one in the solar system that boasts...

Because of a dry, rocky, desert-like surface, dust storms are very common on Mars. They can engulf the entire planet, raise the atmospheric temperature by up to 30 degrees Celsius, and last for...

So, Mars is mostly desert. And on Mars, the desert comes with giant dust storms that can cover the planet in dust for weeks. Smaller wind patterns also kick up “dust devils,” like desert tornados. Curious what the weather is like on Mars right now?

These dust storms can extend over larger areas than those on Earth, sometimes encircling the planet, with wind speeds as high as 60 miles per hour (97 km/h). However, given Mars' much lower atmospheric pressure (roughly 1% that of Earth's), the intensity of Mars storms could never reach the kind of hurricane-force winds that are experienced on Earth. [20]

red because of rusted soil; Has severe dust storms at hurricane speeds 28. Larger than Earth; Largest planet; Faint ring of dust; Gaseous planet; Spins the fastest; Day is 10 hours long; Has at least 63 moons; Large red spot 29. “Earth-like” characteristics; Close to the Earth’s size (95% of radius); A day is

Earth has some pretty severe weather — hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis can be devastating — but we're better off living here than on other planets. Earth's worst storms are nothing compared...

Which planet has hurricanes and one large one that makes up the Great Red Spot? answer choices ... *has severe dust storms at hurricane speeds *4 th planet from the Sun. answer choices . Mercury . Venus . Earth … Which planet has large storm systems like the Great Dark Spot? answer choices . Neptune. Uranus. Mars.

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