Why can you not cry in space?

Dannie Shanahan asked a question: Why can you not cry in space?
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While the zero gravity atmosphere does not have an impact on tears forming, it has an affect on if they fall, and they don't. The water that builds up in you eye from crying will stay there until the bubble gets so big it moves to another spot on your face, or it's removed. It's not very pretty or graceful.

Astronauts can't cry the same in space as they do on Earth.

Your eyes make tears but they stick as a liquid ball… So — space tears don't shed." Unless an astronaut wipes that water away, tears in space can form a giant clump that can break free of your eye, as The Atlantic explained.

But in zero gravity, the tears themselves can't flow downward in the way they do on Earth. The moisture generated has nowhere to go. Tears, Feustel put it, "don't fall off of your eye ... they kind of stay there." NASA spacewalk officer Allison Bollinger, who oversaw Feustel's EVA, confirmed this assessment.

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