Why do only ions conduct electricity?

Birdie McLaughlin asked a question: Why do only ions conduct electricity?
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The short answer is that ions can only conduct electricity when they are able to move. Ions in a crystal are locked in place… So there is no room to inject electrons into the orbitals of the anions, so there is no way for the electrons to start their journey from one side of the ionic solid to the other.

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• ionic compounds can only conduct electricity if their ions are free to move. Ionic compounds only conduct when they are melted or dissolved in water and they do not do not conduct electricity when they are solid. Sodium chloride– it is soluble in water, it has high boiling and melting point, it does not conduct in its solid state, except ...

As a result the solution can be made to conduct electricity. Think about this in solid form the outer shells of the elements are filling each other thus neutralizing the substance but when you separate the ions (atoms of each element) their shells have space that needs to be filled or emptied so they want to gain or loose electrons to have a ...

The fact that either of these processes leads to a collection of charged ions is central to the electrical conductivity of ionic compounds. In their bonded, solid states, molecules like salt don’t conduct electricity. But when they're dissociated in a solution or through melting, they can carry a current. This is because electrons can’t move freely through water (in the same way they do in a conductive wire), but ions can move freely.

Taking into account why do ionic solutions conduct electricity? Ionic compounds conduct an electric current when melted or dissolved in water. In an ionic solution, the A + ions migrate toward the negative electrode, while the B − ions migrate toward the positive electrode. In view of this, why ionic compounds are good conductor of electricity?

Dissolving solid ionic compounds is not only the case on which they can conduct electricity. They can conduct electricity if they are melted. Solid ions are held together in place and are crystallized. When heat or water breaks down this crystal structure, the atoms and molecules are able to move more freely. Since the atoms/molecules move more freely when they are in the liquid state, these movements can cause an electric charge.

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