Why do tropical storms bring heavy rain?

Estella Bergnaum asked a question: Why do tropical storms bring heavy rain?
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Hurricanes bring extreme rainfall

Warm air can hold more moisture than cool air. In tropical cyclones, the air is particularly warm and can hold a tremendous amount of moisture. The moisture cools as it rises and condenses into heavy rain, often much more than a typical low pressure system .

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Climate models also project that tropical storm winds will strengthen as temperatures rise, and observational studies have shown that storms with stronger winds tend to produce higher rainfall...

The degree of a tropical cyclone rainfall impact depends upon speed of movement, storm size, and degree of vertical wind shear. One of the most significant threats from tropical cyclones is heavy rainfall. Large, slow moving, and non-sheared tropical cyclones produce the heaviest rains.

Tropical waves can contain winds and heavy rain, but do not circulate around a center point or an “eye” like a tropical storm or hurricane. Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Grace was 55 miles (90 kilometers) southwest of St. Croix and 100 miles (160 kilometers) southeast of San Juan, Puerto Rico on Sunday morning. Forecasters said heavy rainfall from the system would fall over parts of the Lesser and Greater Antilles over the next few days.

In addition to high winds and storm surge, hurricanes threaten coastal areas with their heavy rains. All tropical cyclones can produce widespread torrential rains, which cause massive flooding and trigger landslides and debris flows.

Hurricanes are gigantic tropical storms that can be hundreds of kilometres wide. They bring along very strong winds and a lot of rainfall. They often cause flooding near the coasts and sea levels rise. Hurricanes occur in many parts of the world.

The strongest tropical storms are called hurricanes, ... The cloud brings heavy rain, thunder and lightning. In the centre is the eye of the hurricane, about 45 km across (30 miles) across. Often ...

It was a tropical storm when Henri made landfall on Sunday, bringing with it 60 mph winds in Rhode Island. But even though it has been lowered to a depression, heavy rain will still be possible in New York and New Jersey on Monday. The Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coasts will continue to be impacted by high surf and rip currents through Tuesday.

Streets Flooded in Hoboken as Tropical Storm Henri Brings Heavy Rain. The streets of Hoboken, NJ, were flooded late August 21 as hurricane-strength storm Henri approached the northeast coast of the United States. A video posted by Gary Stout shows a car driving at a flooded intersection after a heavy rain caused flash floods in the city.

The storm is expected to bring a dangerous surge, strong gusting winds, heavy rain, and flooding to parts of the northeast United States. Credit: Gary Stout via Storyful

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