Why hurricane irma happened?

Branson Adams asked a question: Why hurricane irma happened?
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Irma developed from a tropical wave that developed off the West African coast two days earlier. It rapidly strengthened into a Category 2 storm within 24 hours. Irma's intensity fluctuated in the days to follow and on Sept. 4 became a Category 4 hurricane.

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First, and most pertinent, is weak wind shear. Hurricanes lose potency when winds near the ocean surface blow at one speed and direction while winds in the upper atmosphere blow another. This ...

(REUTERS/Alvin Baez) Hurricane Irma, like Hurricane Harvey, was not caused by climate change. But the horrifying destruction it has sent across the Atlantic might have been. Scientists say that...

Hurricane Irma's path was such that its impact was both far-reaching and devastating, with landfalls in Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Martin, the Bahamas, Cuba, and the United States, all at major hurricane intensity. Furthermore, the size of the storm system meant that destruction was prevalent even in territories well removed from landfall occurrences.

Irma moved west along or just inland from the northern coast of Cuba on September 9th. This interaction with land disrupted Irma’s structure a bit, as a hurricane requires plenty of deep warm water beneath the storm’s center to maintain the extremely low pressure and strong winds.

As a hurricane draws in warm, moist air from the ocean's surface, condensing its water vapor into clouds, it must vent the wringed-out air from its top. The upper-level pressure system helped Irma...

The eye of the hurricane passed over Barbuda, damaging about 95% of the buildings on the island. The hurricane hit southwest Florida on September 10, battering the state's lower half and leaving a...

Hurricane Irma is directly responsible for 47 deaths as a result of its strong winds, heavy rains, and high surf across the Caribbean Islands and the southeastern United States. The majority of the casualities were in the Caribbean Islands, where Irma’s winds were the strongest, according to the National Hurricane Center.

by Mickey Blog · October 6, 2017 Hurricane Irma will unfortunately go down as history as one of the worst weather events on record. It disrupted the lives of countless people in several countries and led some tragic circumstances. At Walt Disney World, park guests were braced for the worst but thankfully spared the brunt of the hurricane.

Hurricanes gain their energy from the ocean, Masson explained, which is why it continued to build for days as Irma travelled to where it is now. WATCH: Ongoing coverage of Hurricane Irma

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