Why would god need a spaceship to carry?

Linwood Schiller asked a question: Why would god need a spaceship to carry?
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❔ Why would god need a spaceship?

According to Earthseed, "God is change"-and embracing that change is essential to a healthy spirituality. Earthseed develops in a postapocalyptic setting, a world where nothing is permanent.

❔ Would merfolk's spaceship need artificial gravity?

They do have an advantage, however, in that they won’t need artificial gravity in space. As a final thought that’s slightly off topic, I also wonder if an aquatic species would even have interest in the stars. Human beings have evolved while looking upward because we could see a vast unknown that seemed just out of reach.

❔ Why would a duke need a spaceship?

20 votes, 21 comments. I was goofing around with some Traveller character generators, and I wound up with a character who started with 12 SOC (so a … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the

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When this novel's Jesuit astronauts set out on a mission to an alien planet, they express an optimistic faith that God is guiding their expedition, that they will do well because "deus vult... God ...

But after a quick glimpse into Spock’s memories, we immediately turn to Kirk, who gives this speech: “You know that pain and guilt can’t be taken away with a wave of a magic wand. They’re the things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. If we lose them, we lose ourselves. I don’t want my pain taken away! I need my pain!”

God(s) need starships just as we need starships to terraform and populate planets as part of human expansion upon the stars like our gods did with us from the heavens. alienib posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 12:17 PM

Kirk asking god what he needs with a star ship from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

One of these methods that we will examine is God's need for physical crafts to transport himself and his angels from one location to another. God disguised as a Rain Cloud The Bible has many examples of God using flying vehicles to travel from one location to another. Often times we read of God hiding his spacecraft(s) in mysterious clouds. One reason God may have done this was in an attempt to hide his physical "chariot" or flying spaceship from the ignorant masses.

The topic was raised several weeks ago when a news story spelled out that — in keeping with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s secular-humanist brand of sci-fi utopianism — the word “God ...

There is no possible way we would build a huge spacecraft holding 40 years of needed supplies; pure stupidity to be thinking along these lines. We would need to add the capability to transfer objects back and forth between Earth and the spacecraft; not only objects but humans also. There would be no need to stock pile parts and supplies. Transferring objects including to the extent of replacing the entire spacecraft if needed. Just science fiction? Surely we do not have this technology today!!

Moral of that film? If you have a spaceship, be careful where you park. For, if you’re doing some Niven-esque God Gambit, and you’ve got a whole continent of jungle simpletons venerating you ...

Weapons are the same; they need to be light enough not to destroy a ship outright anyway so you leave them as light as possible to do the damage you need against the most armoured target you expect them to be working against and no more. Weapons should be mounted as centrally as possible to afford the pilot the most intuitive grasp of their operation that you can. A fighter relies on speed and maneuverability to survive the mission not armour, it can't survive going toe-to-toe ...

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Why does plane carry spaceship eggs?

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo space plane broke apart just after its "feathering" re-entry system deployed early during a tragic test flight on Friday (Oct. 31) that left one pilot dead and ...

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We previously showed you construction of Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnight Two, the mothership that will help launch SpaceShipTwo into sub-orbit. However, Flight Global was able to sneak in some ...

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Why does plane carry spaceship toy?

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo space plane broke apart just after its "feathering" re-entry system deployed early during a tragic test flight on Friday (Oct. 31) that left one pilot dead and ...

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How much weight can a spaceship carry?

  • Spacecraft are the smallest type of space vessel, rarely topping 50 tons in weight. Vessels of this category usually carry less than 20 crewmen. A Light Spacecraft is between .5 and 5 tons in weight, and carries only one crewman. A Medium Spacecraft weighs between 5 tons and 15 tons, and requires between two and five crewmen.

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What did et carry on the spaceship?

The External Tank, or ET, is the "gas tank" for the Orbiter; it contains the propellants used by the Space Shuttle Main Engines. Image left: An External Tank falls back to Earth after being jettisoned from the Shuttle. Click image to play video of External Tank separation (no audio) Photo credit: NASA. The tank is also the "backbone" of the ...

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Why does plane carry spaceship to mars?

What is a Spacecraft? The spacecraft is the protective "spaceship" that enables the precious cargo (that is, the rover!) to travel between Earth and Mars. It is separate from the launch vehicle that carries the spacecraft and the rover outside of Earth's atmosphere and gravity pull. The Mars Science Laboratory

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By getting the vehicle to 40,000 feet and to a couple of hundred miles per hour of speed, it takes away the hardest first part of flight. This means the booster is in thinner atmosphere and can use a more optimized outlet for lower air pressure. All these things contribute to making a lighter/cheaper passenger vehicle.

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How would a spaceship steer?

Spacecraft use both steerable engines (they pivot) and thrusters pointing in different directions to steer. To slow down, they turn around and fire their engines "forward". Jul 20, 2010

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How would a spaceship work?

For a spaceship city to work, a proper one, it would have to be fully self sufficient, recycling all of its air, water, waste, and trash, transferring only people and energy. We have not yet quite mastered how to do this, but we are getting closer...

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What spaceship would i have?

The Future of Spaceship Earth is Recognition of our Interconnectedness & Oneness. It seems like many areas today are converging on the Spaceship Earth concept: science, physics, spirituality, biology, astronomy, religion, and more. Forest bathing is reconnecting us with nature. Author Thomas Moore says:

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What spaceship would you command?

If you dream about interstellar travel and you wish you were the Captain of a famous spaceship, we have a simple test for you. Answer these ten questions and …

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Would a spaceship use radar?

Why would you imagine it wouldn't? It works by emitting an electromagnetic pulse or waveform, and receiving reflections, with timing used to estimate range, and angle determined by focusing the transmit beam with a reflector or similar device, and...

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Which planet would a spaceship need the largest force to take off?

(iv) the model planet with the largest orbit. (1 mark) G (b) The bar chart shows the force of gravity on eight of the planets. (i) The gravity on Neptune is 12 N/kg. On the chart above, draw a bar for the planet Neptune. Use a ruler. (1 mark) (ii) Give the name of a planet where you would weigh more than you weigh on Earth. (1 mark) any one from Jupiter ; Saturn ; Neptune (iii) On which planet would a spaceship need the largest force to take off? (1 mark) Jupiter (maximum 7 marks) Follow me ...

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How many people can spaceship dreadnaught ships carry?

Vostok (USSR, 1961) A model of the Vostok 1 capsule in flight in 1961. (Image credit: SSPL/Getty Images) The Vostok capsule carried the first-ever human to make a spaceflight, the Soviet Union's ...

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How much wieght could a small spaceship carry?

Super Heavy now would stand about 68 meters tall. The 118 meter tall two-stage vehicle could ultimately weigh about 5,000 tonnes at liftoff and rise on about 7,500 tonnes of thrust, growing heavier from 2017 plans. It would be able to boost 100 tonnes to LEO initially, with 150 tonnes as a future goal.

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What did it carry on the spaceship book?

This type of spaceship is used to carry people, supplies, and/or spare parts to the Space Station, and return people and experiment results back to Earth. The United States has developed two vehicles, Dragon and Cygnus, which

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What did it carry on the spaceship game?

Released in 1992 for the Game Boy, Space Battleship Yamato is a turn-based strategy game, with the player fighting against Dessler. The player can move a few places on the battlefield at a time, and, if they encounter an enemy, it will start a shoot 'em up section that they must complete without losing all their Cosmo Tigers in order to advance.

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Plus it’s carrying an artificially intelligent bomb gripped by an existential crisis.

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What did it carry on the spaceship name?

Nomenclature The name of the vehicle changed many times after its first announcement and during the first several years of development. [21] At least as early as 2005, SpaceX used the codename "BFR" for a conceptual heavy‑lift launch vehicle, "far larger than the Falcon family of vehicles", [22] [23] with a goal of 100 tonnes (110 tons) to orbit.

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Why does plane carry spaceship to the moon?

NASA last week announced it selected SpaceX’s Starship to land humans on the Moon as part of the agency’s Artemis program.To develop Starship for the Moon, NASA will pay no more than $2.9 billion to SpaceX over the next few years, money that will be matched and possibly exceeded by funds from SpaceX itself. Under the terms of the award, SpaceX will fly Starship to the lunar surface without ...

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How big would a spaceship be?

Weighing in at 60,000 tons when fully fueled, Daedalus would dwarf even the Saturn V rocket.

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