Why would nasa hide alien reddit?

Ruthie Bailey asked a question: Why would nasa hide alien reddit?
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❔ Why would the nasa hide alien?

Alien conspiracists believe that the Men in Black are a secret government organization who’s task is to deal with aliens on Earth. Furthermore, they hide these …

❔ How did nasa hide the alien spacecraft from us?

A new NASA coverup? John Iadarola and Hannah Cranston discuss whether or not NASA is covering up evidence of alien Home Blog About Us Contact Us Thursday, July …

❔ Has nasa confirmed alien?

A prominent ufologist claims that NASA’s SOHO satellite has captured images of an "alien cube ship" that is 10 times bigger than the Earth. In a post on his ETdatabase blog dedicated to UFOs , Scott Waring writes that the enormous cube reportedly comes and goes from the Sun in order to gather energy.

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why would the nasa hide alien? because they are inherently evil? s/ I wonder because to me showing that they got alien would mean tons of money for them (and I think it's improtant to ask about the "why would they do that?" when talking about conspiracy theory).

353k members in the aliens community… Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Search all of Reddit. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 0. A CITY ON THE MOON! WHY IS NASA HIDING IT. Close. 0. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. A CITY ON THE MOON! WHY IS NASA HIDING IT ...

1.5m members in the nasa community. r/NASA is for anything related to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; the latest news, events …

Why are the Government hiding aliens from us? Close. 26. Posted by u/[deleted] 4 years ago. Archived. Why are the Government hiding aliens from us? I really don't get why they wont just show us everything. I don't see any harm in doing so. 97 comments. share.

Alien in different ways to your regular aliens. And until he met another example of her race, he’d keep assuming that whatever oddities his new commander had, they were cultural. Life was simpler that way. Yaro looked at him, shifting a little uneasily. “Color regiments are more… cultural than military.” She paused.

All I'd have to do was hide somewhere around the house, somewhere outside my room where Bronn wouldn't find me. Of course I didn't know where this weird mystery thing would be transpiring, so I had to pick hiding spots at random and just hope I'd be lucky enough to get a good view. If not, I knew I'd at least hear it.

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Are aliens real, or are they MILAB (military abduction). Is it because of Project Blue Beam; that more people would know the lie? Or is it about keeping the lid on "disclosure", ie, revealing that new tech has been available for decades? "I don’t think one has to be a conspiracy theorist to see, based on the headlines we read each day in the news, that our present way of American Government ...

‘NASA GREAT ALIEN COVER UP' Space agency breaks silence on claim it is 'hiding the truth' NASA has finally addressed the long-running conspiracy theory that it has found alien life but the ...

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Nasa covering up alien existence?

Is NASA covering up alien existence? Conspiracy theorists are flooding the news feed after ISS Live Cam suddenly "went down" after what appeared to be a horseshoe-shaped UFO was spotted hovering over the International Space Station. Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, ...

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Nasa knows about alien life?

NASA Research Gives Guideline for Future Alien Life Search. Astronomers searching the atmospheres of alien worlds for gases that might be produced by life can't rely on the detection of just one type, such as oxygen, ozone, or methane, because in some cases these gases can be produced non-biologically, according to extensive simulations by ...

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What is an alien nasa?

Scientists have made the first conclusive discovery of water vapor in the atmosphere of a planet beyond our solar system, or exoplanet. This artist's rendering shows a gas-giant exoplanet transiting across the face of its star.

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Why nasa go against alien?

Covered in ice and filled with bubbling lava, the Antarctic volcano Mount Erebus is the perfect proxy for an alien world. That's why NASA's Aaron Curtis travels there to test space exploration robots.

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Will nasa announce alien life?

Anonymous Says NASA Is About to Announce Evidence of Alien Life. FIONA MACDONALD. 26 JUNE 2017. Hacker network Anonymous has made headlines today, this time …

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Why would nasa lie about earth being round reddit?

NASA don't have to lie, they lie for the sake of lying, they lie because they can. That just shows how evil they are! /s. Nasa employees basically spend the day eating pizza and playing video games, inbetween making poor-qualiity CGI. Obviously they're trying to protect this cushy life by pretending the earth is round.

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What would an alien spaceship look like?

What would a spacecraft carrying aliens to first contact with Earth look like? In Arrival (2016), director Denis Villeneuve’s creative imagination of alien ships arriving at Earth, 12 large, dark, smooth, elongated ships hover effortlessly, without any visible means of propulsion, over far-flung sites on Earth.

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What would real alien spaceships look like?

According to Millis, spacecrafts are shown like aerodynamic jet-shaped objects moving in the space. But in real it’s not like that. Actually, the real spaceships are not air-centric, hence the need of projecting winged spacecraft is not necessary. This is because real-world airplanes need wings to take off from runways and make a safe landing.

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What would you call an alien spaceship?

Sci-Fi Ambient Spaceship White Noise | for Sleep, Focus, Studying | 10 Hours - YouTube. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube ...

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Why would alien spaceships be flying saucers?

But, whenever possible, try to use the term flying saucer or alien spacecraft instead. Here are some reasons why: UFO originally meant Unconventional flying object, not unidentified flying object. The military has known since the 1940s that these were intelligently piloted craft.

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If the earth was really flat, why would nasa hide it?

As usual, the flat Earth apologists think that NASA actually has something to do with the determination of the shape of the Earth. That’s simply gross ignorance, and a dead give-away to the stupidity of the person asking the question or proposing ...

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Alien structures on the moon nasa?

The latest claims regarding the existence of alien structures on the Moon were made by Scott Waring of the UFO-focused blog ET Data Base. According to Waring, the strange structures were...

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Did nasa admit to alien existence?

On 19 September 2016, the conspiracy web site Disclose.tv published an article reporting that NASA, the federal agency that oversees the U.S. civilian space program …

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Did nasa find a alien planet?

Scientists on Nasa’s Kepler mission have spotted an eighth planet around a distant star, making it the first alien solar system known to host as many planets as our own. The newfound world orbits a...

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Did nasa find the alien shark?

A report to the Mutual UFO Network suggests the Opportunity rover on Mars captured a photo of skeletal remains of an alien being.

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Does alien exist according to nasa?

NASA has evidence of alien existence Through photos taken by the Curiosity self-propelled vehicle and recently announced by NASA, UFO researchers show new evidence of alien existence. After repeatedly exaggerating the images, UFO researchers identified fragments of flying saucers and two remains on the surface of Mars.

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Has nasa discovered an alien civilization?

Has NASA discovered an alien civilization? Jackie might be a questionable source, but verified NASA employees have also come forward with evidence. Former NASA …

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Has nasa finally found alien life ?

NASA OPENLY ADMITS ALIEN LIFE EXISTS: GET READY FOR DISCLOSURE by Admin on November 17, 2020 Most "aware" people realize that NASA is only a part of the military industrial complex, but a recent open admission on mainstream news that "there are indications of alien life"

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Nasa hiding evidence of alien existence?

The alien hunters claim that as a part of the mission, the probe collected a huge number of photographs of the planet, the ones that were recently published by NASA. The existence of alien civilization on the planet is evident from the complex buildings and structures that they have created, they claim.

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Nasa - was einstein a space alien?

Modern pop culture paints Einstein as a bushy-haired superthinker. His ideas, we're told, were improbably far ahead of other scientists. He must have come from some other planet--maybe the same one Newton grew up on. "Einstein was no space alien," laughs Harvard University physicist and science historian Peter Galison. "He was a man of his time."

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What is an alien nasa launch?

NASA has opened up the alien planet archives from its prolific Kepler space telescope mission for the entire world to see. The archive includes data previously not publicly available.

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