Will disney resorts close for hurricane?

Dolly Rau asked a question: Will disney resorts close for hurricane?
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If there is a hurricane warning in the Orlando area then that is another story. Walt Disney World can close due to hurricanes, and it has actually shut down the parks. The last time the parks were closed for a full day was Hurricane Irma in 2017, which before hitting Florida was a Category 5 Hurricane!

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A. Cast Members will be able to reschedule your vacation to... . Q. If a hurricane warning is issued within 7 days of my arrival date and I have a sports or group package, does the Walt Disney Travel Company hurricane cancellation policy apply to my package? A.

Hurricane Dorian prompts closures and modified hours in Disney World. Disney Resort Hotels. Most Disney Resort Hotels remain open with the following exceptions: Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground will close at 3pm on September 3rd and will remain closed for the duration of the storm. It will reopen when it is deemed safe to do so.

First of all, just because you go to Disney World during hurricane season, doesn’t mean the parks will close. Regular storms and rainy days will not close the parks. If there is a bad storm with thunder and lightning, some attractions might get closed, but the parks will stay open until the storm passes.

Disney will go above and beyond to ensure the safety of their guests during a hurricane. The parks will only close if absolutely necessary. For more information, read our post Magically DIStracted by Hurricane Matthew for details on what happened in Disney World during the October 2016 hurricane. Hurricane Policy for Disney’s Beach Resorts

One way that the Disney Resorts are already preparing for Tropical Storm Elsa’s possible arrival is with Hurricane Meal Kits. These are prepackaged meals that Guests may easily pick up at their Resort. These are very handy to have prior to the storm in the event that all Guests will be asked to remain in their room during the storm.

Contemporary Resort in Disney World after Hurricane Irma In the event of a high category hurricane, the parks usually only shut down for a day or two and Disney does have a policy for refunding guests. As of right now though, this hurricane is projected as category 1.

The Walt Disney World Resort is in central Florida, not on the coasts, and has only closed five times for hurricane since opening in 1971: Hurricane Floyd -September 15, 1999/ Hurricane Frances – September 4 & 5, 2004 / Hurricane Jeanne – September 25, 2004 / Hurricane Matthew – October 7, 2016 / Hurricane Irma - September 2017.

1. Yes, Disney World can close during a hurricane. But it almost never happens. The Walt Disney World theme parks have closed for hurricanes in 1999 and 2004.

You may see ride closures and Disney has even closed the entire parks in the past for more severe hurricanes. Be ready to deal with rain, but also go in with flexible expectations! Remember, Cast Members want your stay to be magical — and part of that comes with keeping you safe.

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