Will hurricane irma hit anna maria island?

Marcelino Hackett asked a question: Will hurricane irma hit anna maria island?
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Like several other destinations in Southwest Florida, Anna Maria Island was not as affected by Hurricane Irma as many anticipated it would be. Although most homes and businesses were largely spared from damage, some of them did require repairs and made local Anna Maria Island news as a result.

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Anna Maria Island evacuation for Irma, but no flooding, contrary to forecast 5′ – 15′ surge; 2 landfalls on Florida Gulf Coast (Irma and Philippe) Broad swath of property damage, trees downed, and power outages across Florida from Irma; Minor damage to Anna Maria Island properties and trees.

Irma arrives, Anna Maria Island spared for most part Be the first to comment Here she comes Irma strikes with full Cat. 5 force at the Florida Keys as it turned north Sept. 10 toward landfall at about 3:45 p.m. at Marco Island near Naples.

Category 2 Hurricane Irma veered away from Anna Maria Island to the east overnight, continuing to head north as a tropical storm. A tropical storm warning is still in effect in Manatee County.

Video shows showing fallen trees in Coquina Park on the south end of Anna Maria Island after Hurricane Irma hit the area on Sept. 10-11, 2017.. It was the most-watched video of 2017 on Bradenton.com.

ANNA MARIA ISLAND – Tropical Storm/Hurricane Elsa’s impact on Anna Maria Island proved to be minimal. The storm that passed through Anna Maria Island Tuesday afternoon and evening and into Wednesday morning produced localized flooding but no reports of significant property damage, one reported fallen tree and no reported downed power lines or power outages on the Island.

Anna Maria Island Pier opens Friday. Hurricane Irma destroyed the old pier. $6.8 million pier stretches 800 feet into Tampa Bay. More Manatee County news. Hurricane Irma destroyed the old pier ...

This is some footage from 2 days after Hurricane Irma hit the island. I am surprised how little damage as present on this island.

Hurricane Irma: Anna Maria Island is evacuated, except for a few stragglers By Sara Nealeigh. September 09, 2017 06:13 PM, ORDER REPRINT ...

Manatee. Manatee County could see the worst of Hurricane Elsa’s storm surge along beaches on Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key.. As of 11 p.m Tuesday, Elsa was about 65 miles southwest miles of ...

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