Will planes fly in snow storms?

Jerry Runte asked a question: Will planes fly in snow storms?
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The answer is that snow might be hazardous, but it does not prevent take-off or landing. As long as all of these threats can be mitigated, the flight can continue as planned. The primary concerns that accompany it are the threat of icing, reduced visibility and compromised braking distance.

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To look at this another way, rain and snow are largely safe to fly in, and by extension to take off and land in. No inclement weather of any sort should disrupt your flying at all unless it is very severe, and there’s almost no chance weather will bring down the aircraft you’re on. Conclusion. Can planes fly in snow? Of course they can!

When your flight is scheduled to hit the air during snowstorms, hurricanes, or even torrential downpour, you might wonder if your airline and the plane's pilots are prepared. Fortunately, on most commercial flights, lots of people are responsible for tracking and planning for weather conditions, whether it means mapping out alternative routes or making the decision to delay a flight.

The answer to the question “can planes fly in thunderstorms?” is almost always “yes,” and when it’s not, pilots (and the people who help them fly) won’t even try. All but the most severe weather is completely harmless to modern aircraft, including lightning.

The answer is “it depends.” For the most part, planes can and do fly in all kinds of weather, including snowstorms. However, the type of snowstorm and its effect on runways and planes is what’ll keep you grounded on your next trip.

The most dramatic weather-related test might be a “cold soak,” where Boeing flies a plane to locations like Yakutsk, Russia — probably the coldest place on Earth you can fly into — to sit idle for 24 hours before getting restarted and tested. “That clears us to allow operators to go to locations where it’s extremely cold,” Bomben said.

Strong winds can cause visibility issues for pilots even when snow is not falling. While the FAA determines safe parameters for crosswinds during flights, primarily for landings and takeoff, a...

All aircraft are required by the FAA to meet certain safety thresholds, including standing up to a good old-fashioned thunderstorm. Flying through clouds, especially when it’s raining cats and dogs, might have you throwing back your Jack and Coke faster than you anticipated – but your plane is designed to handle a significant rainstorm.

Light or moderate snow will not stop operations, says Nance. "A heavy snowfall, however, can cause cancellations." Even planes that have been de-iced need to reach the runways, which often require...

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