Will the universe ever come to an end?

Marlee Hyatt asked a question: Will the universe ever come to an end?
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One of them is how you define “the end of the universe”! If by end you mean a state where nothing can longer happen, then possibly. If by end you mean the whole thing disappearing into the “abyss” by some means, then we have no idea.

Discover more of our picks here. The usual story of the Universe has a beginning, middle, and an end. It began with the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago when the Universe was tiny, hot, and dense.

In this "Big Freeze", the universe ends up uniformly cold, dead and empty. After the development of thermodynamics in the early 1800s, heat death looked like the only possible way the universe...

Humans have always been curious to know how and when the world will come to an end. Interestingly, theoretical physicist Matt Caplan has predicted when the universe will come to its end. This...

But according to a new paper, there's one theory for the origins of the universe that predicts time itself will end in just five billion years—coincidentally, right around the time our sun is...

The final basic possibility for the universe's end is known as the Big Rip. In this scenario, dark energy — the mysterious substance that acts in opposition to gravity — pulls everything apart...

The universe could then consist of an infinite sequence of finite universes, with each finite universe ending with a Big Crunch that is also the Big Bang of the next universe. A problem with the cyclic universe is that it does not reconcile with the second law of thermodynamics , as entropy would build up from oscillation to oscillation and cause the eventual heat death of the universe.

Using iron, pycnonuclear science, and a computer, one scientist has scheduled the end of the universe. Today's bright, showy supernovae are huge stars, leaving small stars to smolder much longer....

‘වහ ග න ගන න ස ළ ’ න ව ග ට ණ ඩ ව ර ද ද අස ස ද ගත ත එය ච නය ස ට ප ටත ව ඇත න සය අප පච ච ග ග ල ජ කර ප ත උඩ බ රය නළ බට ටන ව න ප ල ස යට ප ල ස පත ග න බ ර යර එකක වහල ක ව ම ආඩම බරයක ය ය ස තන ...

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Will we ever find the edge of the universe?

If you define the edge of the Universe as the farthest object we could ever reach if we began our journey immediately, then our present limit is a mere …

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Will we ever know how the universe was started?

  • With the exception of a few specific models that would leave observable traces in our Universe (most don't), we have no way of knowing how -- or even if -- the Universe got its start.

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Will a spaceship ever reach the end of the universe?

No; it will never happen.

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Does the universe ever go forever?

First, it's still possible the universe is finite… The observable universe is still huge, but it has limits. That's because we know the universe isn't infinitely old — we know the Big Bang occurred some 13.8 billion years ago. That means that light has had “only” 13.8 billion years to travel.

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Question: does the universe ever end?

No, they don’t believe there’s an end to space. However, we can only see a certain volume of all that’s out there. Since the universe is 13.8 billion years old, light from a galaxy more than 13.8 billion light-years away hasn’t had time to reach us yet, so we have no way of knowing such a galaxy exists.

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Was miss honduras ever miss universe?

No, Miss Honduras has never won Miss Universe.

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When and how the whole universe will come to an end?

As the energy density, scale factor and expansion rate become infinite the universe ends as what is effectively a singularity. In the special case of phantom dark …

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Did dc universe online come out?

DC Universe Online, which launched on the PlayStation 3 in 2011, will shut down its presence on that console at the end of January in order to focus development on other platforms, Daybreak Game Company has announced. It was a highly anticipated MMO because of its console presence and DC Comics licensing.

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Did the universe come from nothing?

Perhaps, according to cosmic inflation — our leading theory of the Universe’s pre-Big Bang origins — it really did come from nothing. This requires a little bit of an explanation, and is what is...

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From what did the universe come ?

String theory. In order to try to pull all of reality together into one single Theory of Everything, scientists have proposed that, at its most fundamental level, our world is made up of tiny vibrating strings. String theory suggests that particles are more like tiny little balls of thread.

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How did universe come into existence?

In other words, the true nature of Being/Consciousness must be forgotten, denied, veiled or imagined non-existent, for objects, the world and others etc. to appear to come into existence. In short the universe comes into existence (that is, it seems to take on its own separate reality) at the very moment that our true nature of Being/Consciousness is forgotten.

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When does miss universe come on?

Miss Universe comes on in July.

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Where does the universe come from?

The probability for an object to materialize decreases dramatically with the mass and complexity of the object. In 1973, Edward Tyron proposed that the Universe is a result of a vacuum fluctuation. The main difficulty of this proposal is that the probability that a 13.7 billion year old Universe could arise from this mechanism is extremely small.

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--universe forum--big bang--where did the universe come from?

Dudes, fellow stoners how do yo think the universe came to be. Where do you think all the matter came from proir to the Big Bang. I dont know where...

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Did miss ukraine ever win miss universe?

No, Miss Ukraine has never won Miss Universe.

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Meditation insight - does the universe ever end?

Reconnecting with your spirituality is about developing the insight, perception and openness to allow your higher self in. Many of us feel separate from our bodies, from other people, from our spiritual selves, our religious practice and from the Universe.

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Terminology - did the quran ever mention universe?

There is no sayings in the Quran that Allah is expanding the universe or any mention of ongoing event. Further the Egyptians concept of the heaven and earth is exactly same as the Quran if you remove the paganic rituals.

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Was goku ever really a universe buster ?

Was Goku ever really a universe buster ? Old kai states at "Apparently the further the wave goes from it's point of origin the more powerful it's destructive power gets "

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46. did the universe come into being?

This radiation did not always exist, or come from one part of the universe. It came from that singular, original moment of creation. Later, in 1996, NASA's Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite also further confirmed that the primordial background radiation pointed to an explosive start of the universe.

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Atheists, where did the universe come from?

Where did the universe come from? Atheistic origin science has no answer. The current “theory” is that the universe came into being from some explosion called the Big Bang. The standard Big Bang theory does not match smoothness of the cosmic background radiation. So the theory of Inflation was added to the standard Big Bang.

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Did the universe come into being automatically?

Even dark matter plays an enormously important role in enabling human beings to exist in this Universe. It took 13.8 billion years for humans to come into being on Earth, and we’ve finally ...

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How did the universe come into being?

A cyclical universe is when the same universe cycles into existence and non-existence, like a recording of an explosion being played forward and backward. It was popular for a time in cosmology ...

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