Will windows break in hurricane?

Braulio Schneider asked a question: Will windows break in hurricane?
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Old Windows and Hurricane Winds

The simple answer is yes. Hurricanes can produce extremely dangerous winds. A Category 5 storm can generate wind speeds of over 200 miles per hour. While steady wind may be unlikely to shatter a window, sudden, sharp gusts can add immense pressure to windows and doors and can break them.
  • Can Hurricane Windows Break? Put simply, yes, impact windows can break. That is because they are impact-resistant and not impact-proof. Impact glass is designed to resist heavy blows, hence it became popular as windshields for vehicles.
  • The short answer is yes, under extreme conditions, and if impacted hard enough, hurricane windows can break. Because of the way they are constructed, your window may break, but cannot be penetrated. The outer layer behaves much like a car windshield.

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