Would a spaceship survive a nuclear attack?

Elda Moen asked a question: Would a spaceship survive a nuclear attack?
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❔ How fast would a nuclear spaceship travel at 3?

The spacecraft orbited Earth three times, reaching speeds of 28,000 kilometers per hour (17,000 miles per hour) and an altitude of 260 kilometers (161 miles). Four hours and 55 minutes later, it...

❔ How fast would a nuclear spaceship travel at 50?

A nuclear explosion in space would not have much of a blastwave, since there is hardly any matter there to transfer energy to, and thus no blastwave as it would have on earth. The light emitted in the infrared would heat up the local space a lot and travel at the speed of light as measured in a near vacuum. The neutron radiation would travel at ...

❔ How fast would a nuclear spaceship travel at 60?

These devices are commonly used to power satellites and can have more than five times higher mass efficiency than chemical systems. But they produce much less thrust – about three Newtons, or only...

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NASA once published a paper detailing what we know about nukes in space that surprised me: Nuclear detonations would be deadly to people inside spacecraft for much longer distances in space than in an atmosphere. Most of a fusion bomb’s energy is ...

If so, they would have been able to survive the radiation caused by the first nuclear attack in history. This species of roach, twice as large as the German cockroach, can survive a level of...

Outside of atmosphere, a nuclear bomb would cause negligible damage other than output radiation. If a nuclear weapon is exploded in a vacuum-i. e., in space-the complexion of weapon effects changes drastically: First, in the absence of an atmosphere, blast disappears completely. Second, thermal radiation, as usually defined, also disappears.

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Green: Radiation (0.74-mile radius) — Within at least 15 minutes of a blast, clouds of dust and sandlike radioactive particles — what's referred to as nuclear fallout — would reach the ground.

I’d guess that a terrorist with a nuke would want to get the best possible return on investment…deaths. More deaths = more terror (and terrorists are in the business of terrorizing). That makes me think that they would attack locations that have high population density. Major cities or large events. Places where they will get a high death count.

A lot of people are wondering if they would know what to do if an emergency alert like the one that scared many in Hawaii over the weekend popped up on their...

However, if you’re several miles away from the attack, your survival rate increases. Keep in mind that you’ll have to go by a set of certain rules to maintain that. A nuclear attack is not immediately fatal as long as you know the best way to maximize your survival rate. The most important rule to remember is TO HIDE, NOT RUN.

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack It’s the worst case scenario for any nation: one day everything seems to be fine, then, all of a sudden, a blast of epic proportions explodes out of nowhere. A nuclear explosion is enough to wipe out all existence in a given area, with little to no survivors left in the area of attack.

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Can we survive in a spaceship?

Space is very dangerous – and without protection, people would not be able to survive there. In space, there's no air – so you couldn't breathe. It's cold – so you'd freeze. And there's lots of nasty radiation (from the Sun, and from the rest of the Universe), so you'd get really, really bad sunburn.

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How to survive a crashing spaceship?

How to "survive" the crash? If an airplane or a spaceship crashes, its contents will not get pulverized unless its "descent" was meteor-like, maybe the crew / control computer actually tried to do an emergency landing, it just did not go smooth enough for them to survive (if there even was a crew).

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What natural disaster would you survive?

survival kit hurricane

This, of course, is the ideal response to hurricane hell. After all, once the storm is assaulting land, all you can do is ride it out, soothed only by your own gentle sobbing and warm, delicate tears. Earthquake. Earthquake. You thrive in the chaos of crumbles and fragments!

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Would i survive a natural disaster?

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Could you survive|a natural disaster? Earthquakes, volcanoes, wild weather, and rocks from space… the Earth can be a dramatic place! But human beings are a pretty resourceful lot, and we’ve been surviving natural disasters for thousands of years. How have they shaped our world, and how will we cope with them in the future?

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Would you survive an ef5 tornado?

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One reason, researchers say, is a public perception that “nothing can survive an EF5 tornado.” Indeed, it's hard to imagine any structure outlasting the violent winds and the devastating cloud of shrapnel that accompanies an EF5… These tornadoes are the ones that literally have pealed up the road where it passed.”

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How fast can a nuclear spaceship go?

A solid-core nuclear-thermal rocket will have a maximum Ve of about 8 km/s (5 miles per second). The rocket equation also says that higher values of ∆V are possible when the fuel comprises a larger fraction of the rocket's total initial weight.

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Could humans survive on a generational spaceship?

A hulking spaceship the size of the Empire State Building, powered by nuclear explosions meant to carry human beings all the way to another solar system. It could never happen, right? That was the...

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How do astronauts survive in their spaceship?

Astronauts wear helmets and suits when they are in their spaceships. They also have food that is often referred to as "astronaut food." It is dry foods.

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How would a biological space ship attack?

In March 2019, India shot down a satellite orbiting in a low Earth orbit using an ASAT missile during an operation code named Mission Shakti, thus making its way to the list of space warfare nations, establishing the Defense Space Agency the following month, followed by its first-ever simulated space warfare exercise on 25 July which would inform a joint military space doctrine.

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A nuclear explosion would be a disaster?

It is possible to have an air-burst nuclear explosion without those clouds. Nuclear explosions produce radiation and radioactive debris that is harmful to humans and can cause moderate to severe skin burns, eye damage, radiation sickness, cancer and possible death depending on how far from the blast radius a person is. Nuclear explosions can also have detrimental effects on the climate, lasting from months to years.

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Would a nuclear bomb destroy a tornado?

Originally Answered: Could an atomic or nuclear bomb destroy a tornado? Since a nuclear explosion creates a new wind pattern originating from a central point it most certainly would disrupt (a better word than destroy) a tornado which is nothing more than a circular wind pattern in weather terms.

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How would a spaceship steer?

Spacecraft use both steerable engines (they pivot) and thrusters pointing in different directions to steer. To slow down, they turn around and fire their engines "forward". Jul 20, 2010

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How would a spaceship work?

For a spaceship city to work, a proper one, it would have to be fully self sufficient, recycling all of its air, water, waste, and trash, transferring only people and energy. We have not yet quite mastered how to do this, but we are getting closer...

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What spaceship would i have?

The Future of Spaceship Earth is Recognition of our Interconnectedness & Oneness. It seems like many areas today are converging on the Spaceship Earth concept: science, physics, spirituality, biology, astronomy, religion, and more. Forest bathing is reconnecting us with nature. Author Thomas Moore says:

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What spaceship would you command?

If you dream about interstellar travel and you wish you were the Captain of a famous spaceship, we have a simple test for you. Answer these ten questions and …

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Would a spaceship use radar?

Why would you imagine it wouldn't? It works by emitting an electromagnetic pulse or waveform, and receiving reflections, with timing used to estimate range, and angle determined by focusing the transmit beam with a reflector or similar device, and...

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How long would you survive on venus?

Without any form of protection about 30 seconds of pure agony.

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What dystopian universe would you survive in?

Could You Survive In A Dystopian World? In Delirium, civilization is concentrated in a few cities that managed to escape the massive bombings of decades past. Travel between cities is highly restricted, and electric fences separate the city from the Wilds—unregulated territory which was presumably mostly destroyed by bombs.

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You thrive in the chaos of crumbles and fragments! A violent shaking of the ground beneath you; your once solid, structured world can be reduced to deep fissures and crumbled walls, and you will survive. Your preparation is top-notch and you have the cautious demeanor of a silver puma.

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What natural disaster would you survive test?

Earthquake. Earthquake. You thrive in the chaos of crumbles and fragments! A violent shaking of the ground beneath you; your once solid, structured world can be reduced to deep fissures and crumbled walls, and you will survive. Your preparation is top-notch and you have the cautious demeanor of a silver puma. First aid kits are always on hand ...

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Quiz: Will You Be Able to Survive a Natural Disaster? The living conditions on our planet are constantly changing and, unfortunately, not for the better. Much of the blame for this lies with humanity because people are heavily polluting nature and rapidly depleting it. But most of the resources we possess are not infinite.

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Can nuclear energy be used in a spaceship?

Space probes to the outer solar system routinely use Radio Thermal Generators that use the energy released by nuclear decay to generate electricity. And some spacecraft have even used full-blown nuclear reactors. An infamous example is Kosmos 954. This Soviet radar reconnaissance satellite re-entered over northern Canada after a malfunction, prompting a massive operation to recover the highly radioactive debris from the reactor.

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Could humans survive on a generational spaceship 2017?

Food, water, air, shelter, and a few other environmental criteria are all humans -need- to survive. To this end, the ship is obviously providing these. You mention …

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Could humans survive on a generational spaceship 2020?

We could move to another planet with a spaceship like this… No human crew could survive the entire ride… Bring frozen embryos and people to diversify the gene pool upon arrival.

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Could humans survive on a generational spaceship 2?

People. One study estimated a starting crew of 160 could maintain a viable population for 200 years, provided they were a diverse bunch.

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