Would platinum make good spaceship armor?

Spencer Abbott asked a question: Would platinum make good spaceship armor?
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❔ What materials are used in spaceship armor?

Composite Armor. Composite armors are made up of layers of material that each can absorb, reflect, or neutralize different types of kinetic and energetic impacts. Each layer can be specialized for different kinds of space-based interactions, and deployed as modular panels that can be replaced with (relative) ease.

❔ What kind of armor is on zeta spaceship?

PRO ARMOR HAND GUARD. SPECIFICATIONS: - Upgraded armor hand guards for pro rider use. - Comes with durable plastic bumpers to protect the armor hand guard body. - Comes with durable longer bar end adapters which holds the handlebars tighter. - Matching design between hand guard body and bar end adapter prevents rotation

❔ Why would god need a spaceship to make?

Space and planets were created for God’s glory. We know that stars and planets outside our solar system exist, and these, too, were created for the glory of God. A constantly expanding universe is yet another conjecture that has yet to be proven.

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$\begingroup$ This is a good answer. Just a small comment, I wouldn't want ERA anywhere inside my armor scheme, considering it's designed to explode. Typically ERA is fitted as an external 'add-on' to tank armor, also having the benefit of making it easy to replace after it's triggered. $\endgroup$ – Catgut Apr 25 '17 at 14:25

Would titanium be a better choice than steel for a spaceship armor? Titanium alloys are weaker than the best steels (220,000psi versus 350,000psi), significantly softer, less stiff, and have lower peak operating temperatures. Titanium’s lower dens...

However, this armor is really only good for one shot, as the charge overloads the circuits. This kind of armor would really be useful for fighters, that really only need a second chance, not amazing defense power. Lastly, I hope that the resources involved with building armor is few, while the resources involved with making shields are high.

But when they’re good, they are very, very good. Multi-layer insulation (MLI) is both thermally and electrically insulative, and NASA uses the stuff practically everywhere they can.

A futuristic material to make spaceship hulls and power armor out of? Discussion in ' Research ' started by PsiLens , Jan 12, 2020 . Technically, I could just borrow some vague, stock sci-fi term like "durasteel" or something and leave it at that, but I didn't want to do that.

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Platinum armor is a stronger alternative to Gold armor.It takes a total of 75 / 90 Platinum Bars to craft a full suit. This adds up to 360 Platinum Ore for the full set of Platinum Armor. It is also the strongest set that is made from ore which can be mined from the start (with a Copper Pickaxe) . It consists of a Platinum Helmet, Platinum Chainmail and Platinum Greaves.

You can in theory make weapons and armor from glass. It just doesn't make any sense if you have access to metals. The big issue is the brittleness. Glass has tendency to shatter on hard impact. This is not a good feature for a weapon or armor. The simplest solution should be to laminate it with a material that prevents the cracks from spreading.

Spaceship name generator This spaceship name generator will give you 10 names that will generally fit all types of spaceships, ranging from large cargo vessels to small fighters. There are plenty of names for all sorts of spaceships, many of which could also be used for satellite, space stations, mining colonies and many more space related constructions.

If you want to operate on the moon, I recommend first building a hydrogen ship to mine some platinum from asteroids and build ion thrusters. My own aerospace freighters use hydrogen thrusters for atmospheric flight and ion thrusters for vacuums. I haven't had much luck combining atmospheric thrusters with ion thrusters.

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Would a spaceship use radar?

Why would you imagine it wouldn't? It works by emitting an electromagnetic pulse or waveform, and receiving reflections, with timing used to estimate range, and angle determined by focusing the transmit beam with a reflector or similar device, and...

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Is platinum a good conductor of electricity?

Platinum is an element with high electrical conductivity and is more ductile than gold, silver, or copper. It is less malleable than gold. The metal has excellent resistance to corrosion, is stable at high temperatures, and has stable electrical properties.

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Help! how do i make a good spaceship?

To make it go farther, add tanks and engines. When it gets too big to fly straight, add guidance devices. When it gets so big that it's too slow to fly well, start putting decouplers between the parts so you can throw away bits you don't need anymore. Repeat these steps until you get to the Mun.

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How do i make a spaceship look good?

Assignment: Design a Spaceship Requirements - It must: achieve mission with payload and/or passengers. be easily and economically produced and maintained. be reusable and have as few stages as possible to reduce cost and recover expensive materials. pass all engineering and flight tests. BE COST EFFECTIVE.

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How to make a good lego spaceship easy?

Here’s what you need to build a LEGO Spaceship: 3 — 1 x 1 black bricks with studs on 4 sides 2 — 1 x 1 black round plates 2 — 1 x 2 black plates with a handle on the side 4 — 1 x 1 dark gray round plates 1 — 2 x 2 translucent red dish 2 — 1 x 6 medium azure plates 1 — 1 x 4 red plate 1 — 1 x 4 red ...

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How to make a good lego spaceship instructions?

Here’s what you need to build a LEGO Spaceship: 3 — 1 x 1 black bricks with studs on 4 sides 2 — 1 x 1 black round plates 2 — 1 x 2 black plates with a handle on the side

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How to make a good lego spaceship kit?

The space ship is used to save prinsess Vespa from the evil President Skroob and Dark Helmet. In 1986, comedy director, writer and actor Mel Brooks came with the science fiction parody film: Spaceballs. In 2016 it will be the 30th anniversary of Spaceballs! So let’s make it a good one with a Spaceball Lego set!

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How to make a good lego spaceship video?

Learn awesome techniques to build your own cool LEGO spaceship! LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago's Master Model Builder sho... Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!

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How big would a spaceship be?

Weighing in at 60,000 tons when fully fueled, Daedalus would dwarf even the Saturn V rocket.

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How fast would a spaceship travel?

Originally Answered: How long does it take a spaceship to travel one light year? The fastest spaceship ever relative to the Earth was the Juno probe at 265,000 km/hour. A light-year is 9.461 × 10^12 kilometers, so it would take the Juno craft 4072 years and 240 days to travel that far. 23.4K views

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How much would a spaceship cost?

With the rise of private spaceflight, costs are falling — but leaving the planet is still far from cheap. The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket costs an estimated $90 million per launch. Jim Watson / AFP...

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How would a spaceship be structured?

The starship Enterprise has got to be one of the most beautiful fictional spacecraft ever created. But imagine beaming aboard (and I bet many BBC Future readers have) and living there.

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How would a spaceship city work?

A rotating wheel space station, also known as a donut city (Russian: «города- пончики») or a von Braun wheel, is a concept for a hypothetical wheel-shaped space station. Originally proposed by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in 1903, the idea was expanded by Herman Potočnik in 1929. Principles. Such a station would rotate about its axis, thus creating an environment of artificial gravity. Occupants of the station would experience centripetal acceleration, according to the following ...

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How would you describe a spaceship?

Big, really big, empty, cold, airless, uninviting, dangerous, limitless, featureless, timeless, unforgiving, black, stygian.

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How would you design a spaceship?

How to design a spaceship 01. Answering the brief's requirements. I'm going to design a fast scout ship that's able to defend itself and rescue... 02. Thumbnailing designs. In a game that features a range of ships, it's crucial that they have distinctive silhouettes. 03. Mood check. Once I've ...

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What rooms would a spaceship have?

At first the pristine corridors, groovy minimalist furniture, view screens and food replicators would seem impossibly exciting. However, after a few months, I suspect the sterile interior with its ...

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What would a ww2 inspired spaceship?

While many of the ships from Star Wars were inspired by planes from World War II, the space combat seen in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Two episode “Cat and Mouse” took space combat to new depths — literally. This Clone Wars story introduces Star Wars fans to a Republic stealth ship that draws on many parallels to submarine warfare of the ...

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What would be inside a spaceship?

Astronauts may have to spend years inside spaceships – and their interiors may be very different to our science fiction visions, writes Richard Hollingham. What the inside of a spaceship might ...

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What would you name your spaceship?

Ever wondered what your spaceship would be called. Yggdrasil Titan Wave Hyperion Pasiphae X-34 Bilkis Aoede Nu Quantum Gaspra Kale Mercury Mathilde Nova Nirvana Telesto Zeus SA-43 Hammerhead Mk 1 Venus Pasiphae SR-137 Aoede Zeus X-44 F-302 Mongoose Dark Adrastea SR-131 USS Venus Swordbreaker

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Which spaceship would i command quiz?

Overview. The Spaceship Command skills determine what you can fly. With the exception of the basic skill Spaceship Command and its sibling Advanced Spaceship Command, none of these skills have an attached bonus.Instead these skills control the hull bonuses found in each ship's description.

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Why would god need a spaceship?

According to Earthseed, "God is change"-and embracing that change is essential to a healthy spirituality. Earthseed develops in a postapocalyptic setting, a world where nothing is permanent.

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Would a spaceship explode in space?

Yes, provided there is an oxidizer. A spaceship with liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen will blow up quite well in the vacuum of space. Chemical explosives will also explode in space since they function by breaking weakly bonded chemical components; no oxygen is necessary. Nuclear explosions can of course occur in space, too.

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Would a spaceship fly through jupiter?

Yes. A present day spaceship could easily fly through Jupiter. You just need to make some small preparations first. I will preface this with a poorly referenced quote, “If brute force doesn’t work, you aren’t using enough force”. Move all humans that you don’t want dead to another star system.

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