Would the universe still exist if no life existed to observe it?

Sid Dach asked a question: Would the universe still exist if no life existed to observe it?
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❔ Is it possible that life and the universe always existed?

From the point of view of the average person, non-scientist, the universe has always existed. Upon the death of the non-scientist person, the universe will cease to exist. This is of course dependent upon the point of view of the non-scientist person on the “Life After Death” question? So, has the universe always existed? Maybe.

❔ Does intelligent life exist elsewhere in the universe?

Does intelligent life exist elsewhere in the universe? It's highly unlikely, say scientists For life to evolve in the same way elsewhere in the universe, it would take longer than the projected lifespan of the Earth

❔ Has the universe always existed?

Only three possibilities: either the universe has always existed, or the universe created itself out of nothingness, or it was created by the eternal Creator (if He wasn’t eternal, He would just be part of the universe that needs an ultimate explanation). The first two possible explanations of the origin of the universe are obviously ridiculous, which leaves the third: there is an eternal God. Why not accept this one true God and His Word? Share this: Twitter; Facebook ; Like this: Like ...

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The way I would answer this is that if the multiverse theory proves to be true than there will be a multitude of universes that are inhospitable to life. Those universes would still exist but would not have an observer.

COBE not only found the ripples but showed an amazing degree of precision. The explosion and expansion of the universe was just perfect enough to allow for the galaxies to form and also not allow them to collapse back in upon themselves. Even the slightest variation one way or another and life would never have existed.

If the Copenhagen Interpretation is correct, and the Universe has no life in it, there can be no observers. If this is the case does the Universe still exist? We make the universe tangible ...

So no, the existence of the universe does not depend on the presence of life. And many things in this universe are in eigenstates every once in a while simply because of the way they interact with ...

If the universe was completely dead there was no observer. So, there would be no proof the universe existed and thus the universe would be senseless and meaningless. That’s the philosophical chapter. Scientically spoken the universe would also not exist. There are no conscious scientists to proof that. So far for science.

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It (the universe) exists in all states (without observation), one of those 'all states' is existence. So: Yes, the universe did (and will) exist with or without observation. Using the "Schrödinger's Cat" example. The cat (universe) always exists. You just don't know if it's alive or not without observation. And that wasn't the question, the question was does the cat (universe) exist. Yes.

Would the universe exist, if there was no life to observe it? I know this is a strange one, but I've gotten to thinking recently. Can we truly ever claim to know that the universe existed without being observed, if so how.

"The universe and the observer exist as a pair," Linde says. "You can say that the universe is there only when there is an observer who can say, Yes, I see the universe there. These small words — it looks like it was here— for practical purposes it may not matter much, but for me as a human being, I do not know any sense in which I could claim that the universe is here in the absence of observers.

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