Would time stop if the universe stopped expanding?

Vernie McCullough asked a question: Would time stop if the universe stopped expanding?
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❔ What if universe stopped expanding?

Some 13.8 billion years ago a very hot small and dense singularity expanded into what we now call the universe. It hasn't stopped growing since but what if it did. What if all the galaxies, stars and planets everything stopped.planets everything stopped.

❔ What if the universe stopped expanding?

Here’s what would happen if the Universe stopped expanding. Before the 1920s, when Edwin Hubble observed that galaxies moved away from each other, we thought that the Universe was static. Years later, the Hubble Space Telescope showed us that not only is Universe is expanding, but it’s growing at ever-increasing rate.

❔ Is universe expanding?

Expanding universe means that the galaxies have been moving away from each other since the beginning of the Big Bang. The galaxies are not expanding through space, they are expanding in space since space is also expanding. In simple words, everything in the space is moving away from each other and there is no centre for the universe. Edwin Hubble made the observation and was the first to prove that the universe is expanding. He came up with the calculation to show how fast the galaxies are ...

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A common theory (The Big Crunch) is that the universe will one day stop expanding and start to contract, reversing and get so clumped that it will eventually cause another Big Bang. So it really depends on what the cause of the universe to stop expanding is to determine if we (or the universe) be affected or not.

Can we stop the universe from expanding? The fate of the universe is determined by its density. The preponderance of evidence to date, based on measurements of the rate of expansion and the mass density, favors a universe that will continue to expand indefinitely, resulting in the “Big Freeze” scenario below.

Posted January 17, 2010 The Universe is constantly expanding and as a consequence some very distant stars are moving away from us at speeds greater than the speed of light. This means that these stars will never be seen by us. If the Universe stopped expanding, or worse, started shrinking, the radiation from those distant stars would reach us.

A recontraction ("big crunch") is ruled out by GR given the observed cosmological parameters of the universe. So it would contradict GR for the universe to stop expanding, and therefore GR can't say anything about what would happen then. It's possible that the universe will stop expanding. If so, then it will constitute a disproof of GR.

The expansion of the universe is the increase in distance between any two given gravitationally unbound parts of the observable universe with time. It is an intrinsic expansion whereby the scale of space itself changes. The universe does not expand "into" anything and does not require space to exist "outside" it.

It’s also true that while time is linear, passing at that constant perceived rate of one second per second, the rate at which the Universe expands is not. The Universe expanded much more quickly in...

I think I explained, you'd have to instantaneously somehow add a lot of matter energy. It seems to me it'd take some time to stop. So, really pretty unphysical. There has been speculation that the Higgs field is close to an unstable value, and if it got somehow shoved (?) it could become so. Another expanding bubble would start Someplace, and reach us.

If the universe stopped expanding there could be only two reasons for it. Either gravity has increased to the point where the entire universe becomes bound together (which would cause it to collapse), or it means time has stopped. However this doesn't mean that time would stop if the universe stopped expanding.

By that time, the Earth would be long gone – absorbed by a red giant star that used to be our Sun. At some point, it would reach its eventual temperature minimum – Absolute Zero, or zero K. On the Celsius scale, that is −273.15° (-459.67° F). At that temperature atoms themselves would stop moving. The universe would become absolutely lifeless.

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Why is the universe expanding?

The tiny differences in temperature, and thus density, help cosmologists determine the shape of the Universe. For instance, if the shape of the Universe was ‘closed’, then at some point the expansion would eventually be triumphed by contraction, causing the Universe to gradually collapse into itself.

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Will the universe keep expanding?

In an expanding universe with decreasing density and non-zero cosmological constant, matter density would reach zero, resulting in most matter except black dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes, and planets ionizing and dissipating at thermal equilibrium. Future with proton decay. The following timeline assumes that protons do decay.

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If the universe is 'expanding', is my room expanding?

Long answer: YES, space everywhere is expanding, even inside your room, even inside atoms (between the subatomic particles). However, the walls of your room are not getting farther apart, and particles are not growing. If you have a ruler and you stretch it by 10% every seco

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If the universe is expanding, what's it expanding into?

Here's the short answer: That question doesn't make sense. The universe is everything, so it isn't expanding into anything. It's just expanding. All of the galaxies in the universe are moving away from each other, and every region of

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Universe is expanding…but what is it expanding into?

Scientists and astronomers tell us that the universe is expanding. But what is it expanding into, ie what’s beyond the universe? Phil Town, Lisbon Post your answers (and new questions) below or ...

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If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into?

If the universe is expanding, then what does it expand into? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to le...

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The universe is expanding – but what is it expanding into?

This is incorrect. The universe does not expand into anything because, as far as any evidence we have goes, it is everything that exists. In other words, there is nothing outside of the universe.

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Ask ethan: if the universe stops expanding, will time run backwards?

Now, if you take an expanding Universe and apply that earlier symmetry to it — time-reversal symmetry — you’ll get a contracting Universe out of it. The reverse of expansion is contraction; if you time-reversed the expanding Universe, you’d get a contracting Universe.

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Colliding galaxies in a expanding universe?

Dr. Kaku: Yes, the universe is expanding but it is still possible that galaxies collide. This is because galaxies which are very close together attract each other gravitationally, counteracting ...

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Eli5 - what is universe expanding into?

Sort by: best. level 1. EgNotaEkkiReddit. · 6m. Itself. It's not that the universe is some limited bubble that's expanding in to the "outside": The universe is already infinite in size. What is happening is that the distance between each point is getting larger. Consider an infinite rubber ruler with a mark every 1cm.

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How quickly is the universe expanding?

The farther away a galaxy, the faster it will go away from us. Check the Wikipedia article on "Hubble's Law" for more details. According to the article, the currently accepted value for the "Hubble constant" is 74.2 ± 3.6 (km/s)/Mpc. That is to say, if a galaxy is at a distance of 1 Megaparsec, on average our distance from this galaxy will increase at a rate of about 74 km/s. For a galaxy at 2 Megaparsec distance, the speed would increase at twice this value, etc.

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Is everything in the universe expanding?

There’s some people who would have you believe the Universe is expanding. They’re peddling this idea it all started with a bang, and that expansion is continuing and accelerating. Yet, they can’t...

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Is our universe expanding or contracting?

Scientists say that the universe is expanding because of dark energy. Leon says that the universe is neither expanding or contracted: 7. Gravity and Dark Matter. Even Einstein also didn't believed that universe is expanding. But Hubble's result make him believe. 3.

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Is the universe contracting or expanding?

The Universe is neither expanding nor contracting. Its contents is collapsing towards the future, while it appears to be expanding. In this model the past and the future exist together (the Block Universe), as a solid fractal progression.

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Is the universe expanding or contracting ?

The universe is and probably always will be expanding until it breaks off into 2 universes or collides with another universe. These are obviously not proven to be what actually happens, but I would like to believe in the theories that are currently in place supporting this as how the universe works.

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Is the universe expanding or shrinking?

…the answer: Expansion! …for the past 13-Billion-plus years, the Universe has been expanding at a momentously terrifying rate.

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Jimsastronomy: is the universe really expanding?

----- - 1627 - Is the universe really expanding?-- We have only known about an accelerating universe for the last 15 years. We assumed the expansion was slowing down over time. We thought that gravity, that universal attractive force, would

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(pdf) is the universe really expanding?

It is concluded that the observations could be used to describe either a static universe (where the Hubble law results from some as-yet-unknown mechanism) or an expanding universe described by the ...

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What does an expanding universe mean?

When scientists talk about the expanding universe, they mean that it has been growing ever since its beginning with the Big Bang. . Photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. The galaxies outside of our own are moving away from us, and the ones that are farthest away are moving the fastest.

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What does the universe expanding mean?

The universe is expanding. His theory became known as “Hubble’s Law” or the “Law of the Expanding Universe.” The galaxies’ movement away from each other suggests that they were once closer together. The implications of Hubble’s discovery were unsettling to many scientists.

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Who really discovered the expanding universe?

The Discovery of the Expanding Universe. Meanwhile, other physicists and mathematicians working on Einstein's theory of gravity discovered the equations had some solutions that described an expanding universe. In these solutions, the light coming from distant objects would be redshifted as it traveled through the expanding universe.

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Why is the universe expanding nasa?

A second possible explanation is that the universe is not actually the same in all directions. One intriguing reason could be that dark energy – the mysterious force that seems to be driving acceleration of the expansion of the universe – is itself not uniform.

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Will the universe keep expanding forever?

The equations of general relativity then shows that this particular combination leads to an accelerated expansion of the universe, as given by the red line. So in …

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