Xenoverse 2 how to get the egg from frieza spaceship?

Krystina Heller asked a question: Xenoverse 2 how to get the egg from frieza spaceship?
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To gain the Time Egg from Frieza, you'll need to join his army and move up the ranks by completing all the tasks Zarbon and Ginyu have for you. Then, the tyrant will accept you as a part of his army and you'll gain the Time Egg.

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how to get distorted time egg 5

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Once you complete that quest, there should be a soldier outside of Frieza's door who gives you the egg. 2 level 2 cabeck13

Cannot get Distorted Time Egg from Frieza. When I went in to Frieza's ship to train I sided with Dodoria, then did Ginyu missions, then helped protect Frieza from Cooler, but now there is nothing else in the ship to do and I haven't gotten an Egg yet. I know there's suppose to be a mission to spar with Frieza but I haven't gotten a mission to ...

Hello and welcome to a guide video to show you what is need to get the Time Egg from Frieza's SpaceShip. I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching....

After you finish the fourth training mission with Cooler one of the random guys around the ship gives you the egg. KotovBestPony • 5 years ago You actually get a choice after completing the Ginyu missions. Frieza is in his normal room, Cooler is in the room with the healing pods down the hall to the right as you're leaving Frieza.

Frieza's Spaceship is the HQ for the Frieza Force and one of the five time rifts in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. In the spaceship you'll find the likes of Dodoria, Zarbon, the Ginyu Force, Cooler, and ...

You can still get it, from what I've heard you have to talk to some random guy that has a question mark above his head and he'll give it to you. Sorry I couldn't be very specific or helpful, this is just what I've gotten from a Google search. User Info: Rainbews. Rainbews (Expert) - 4 years ago 1 1.

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