Xr pro fairway wood review?

Karianne Homenick asked a question: Xr pro fairway wood review?
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Callaway xr fairway wood xr pro review

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  • Review: Callaway XR and XR Pro Fairway Woods Pros : The XR has a shallow-face design that makes it easy to launch the ball. The XR Pro offers a more compact head shape and slightly more fade bias. Both fairway woods are exceptionally long and forgiving, and come with great stock shaft options.

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Callaway xr steelhead fairway wood review by mark crossfield & golfonline

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Conclusion. What Callaway and Boeing did create was a tremendous fairway wood in the Callaway XR 16 Pro . Maybe the aerodynamics and other design aspects are the key to greater speeds, but the biggest win for this fairway wood is definitely its forgiveness and consistency which was a primary goal in the collaboration.

Callaway’s XR fairway woods are the company’s larger, easier-to-elevate model. They have a shallow face, which is great for golfers who struggle to elevate shots from the fairway. Conversely, the XR Pro fairway woods have a distinctly smaller footprint, which makes them less forgiving.

BOTTOM LINE: The Callaway XR Pro is a handsome, highly maneuverable fairway wood. Better players can look forward to hitting any shot they can imagine. For more news that golfers everywhere are ...

Callaway XR Pro 16 Fairway Wood Review As before there is also a Pro version on the XR 16 fairway that features a more compact head that sits a little squarer at address. It has a shallower head front to back and the toe of the club also looks a little squarer and unlike the XR 16 driver, I prefer the look of the standard version of the fairway to the Pro.

The Callaway XR fairway wood feels fairly well balanced despite having a shaft that’s only 56 grams. It does feel light, but that lightness is spread throughout the club. The sound that it creates is a bit surprising. I was expecting something louder and more shrill, but it’s actually fairly quiet.

Callaway XR Pro Fairway Review If you are a high swing speed player who finds the standard XR fairway a little spinny, then there is also a XR Pro fairway. Like before, this has a much more compact head and a longer fixed hosel to deliver the required launch conditions.

Callaway XR Fairway Wood review details the revised head design including new Internal Standing Wave and Crown finish that should result in more distance. Mo...

Callaway’s XR16 Pro fairway wood, with 14 degrees of loft. The XR16 Pro fairway woods (14, 16 and 18 degrees) have a smaller footprint, will be slightly more fade-biased and will produce a lower-spinning, more penetrating trajectory.

callaway xr 16 & xr 16 pro fairway woodspga golf pro rick shiels hits the latest callaway xr 16 & xr 16 pro fairway woods for the first time and shares his i...

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