Y can carbon nanotubes conduct electricity?

Ferne Gottlieb asked a question: Y can carbon nanotubes conduct electricity?
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  • They found that carbon nanotubes discharge powerful waves of electricity under certain circumstances. MIT team named it as thermopower waves. They are pinning their hope on thermopower waves to produce electricity to be utilized in small electrical appliances or maybe in large-scale applications too.

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This discharge of electricity from carbon nanotubes is a very rare occurrence. Traditionally we derive electricity from water, sun, wind, coal or heat produced by burning of fossil fuels. The thermopower wave, “opens up a new area of energy research, which is rare,” said Michael Stranowho is MIT’s Charles and Hilda Roddey associate professor of Chemical Engineering.

A new material made from carbon nanotubes can generate electricity by scavenging energy from its environment. Your friend's email. Your email. I would like to subscribe to Science X Newsletter ...

Carbon nanotubes can exhibit remarkable electrical conductivity, while others are semiconductors. They also have exceptional tensile strength and thermal conductivity because of their nanostructure and strength of the bonds between carbon atoms. In addition, they can be chemically modified.

The strength of the atomic bonds in carbon nanotubes allows them to withstand high temperatures. Because of this, carbon nanotubes have been shown to be very good thermal conductors. When compared to copper wires, which are commonly used as thermal conductors, the carbon nanotubes can transmit over 15 times the amount of watts per meter per Kelvin.

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Can fullerene conduct heat? Recently, fullerene derivatives were found to have ultra-low thermal conductivity, which is even lower than that of C60 solids. Do nanotubes conduct electricity? According to Basaran, this essential difference between metals and carbon nanotubes lies in the way they conduct electricity.

Other Uses of Twistron Carbon Nanotubes. For solid proof that twistrons can harvest waste thermal energy from the environment, a twistron yarn was connected to a polymer artificial muscle that contracts and expands when heated and cooled. The twistron harvester converted the mechanical energy generated by the polymer muscle to electrical energy.

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