Your tamagotchi v5 is in a spaceship what do you do?

Charley King asked a question: Your tamagotchi v5 is in a spaceship what do you do?
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When your Tamagotchi is in a spaceship, that means it wasn't very happy about it's life on earth. In the spaceship, the Tamagotchi will go back to Tama Planet. If this happened to you, you weren't taking very good care of your Tamagotchi. That Tamagotchi will be recorded in your memory book. to get your tamagotchi back to life you have to push a and c together to make it come back to life. ^_^

When your Tamagotchi is in a spaceship, that means it wasn't very happy about it's life on earth. In the spaceship, the Tamagotchi will go back to Tama Planet. If this happened to you, you weren't...

A spaceship means that your tamagotchi(s) have gone back to their home planet, so to speak. Press and hold the A and C button at the same time and new eggs will appear. Share this post

Tamagotchi CD-ROM. During the opening sequence of the Tamagotchi CD-ROM, a UFO piloted by Maskutchi and Zuccitchi nearly crashes into the Earth after the two pilots get into an argument. The ship then drops an egg down for the user to raise. The ship returns to collect the Tamagotchi later on as the game's death screen. Tamagotchi Video Adventures

The user can view their Tamagotchi's final age, and then must then restart the Tamagotchi either by pressing A and C together, or by pressing the Reset button on the back of the unit. Often, the death sequence is changed between Japanese and English releases, and modern releases have included the possibility of the Tamagotchi running away instead.

It appeared when everyone returned to Tamagotchi Planet after Spacytchi's spaceship unexpectedly took off. The Tama-Friends thanked Spacytchi for the care he showed during the accident. It is also one of the Character Hearts on the Tama Profy toy, as Character Hearts can only be collected on Mondays between 7:30 PM to 8 PM.

The process of a Tamagotchi going from one stage of the Life Cycle to the next is called Evolution. Stages Egg. The Egg Stage is the first stage of the Tamagotchi life cycle. Every Tamagotchi virtual pet starts with this stage, and the user must set the clock before it can hatch. The amount of time it takes for the egg to hatch varies between releases.

The amount of care given to a Tamagotchi will affect its growth. It can affect it in different ways, and sometimes depends on the character. As a general rule, unhealthier characters are more sensitive to care mistakes, whereas healthier characters can be cared for less well and still avoid getting care mistakes. 1 Growth Charts 2 Involvements and Guidelines 2.1 Hunger and happiness 2.2 Stress ...

She wants to be close to Mametchi whenever she gets the chance. When she sees him, she often imagines he will tell her that he loves her; but when he doesn't end up saying this, she gets disappointed. She also sometimes gets jealous of other girls when they spend time with Mametchi, because she mistakes the things they do as displays of affection.

This Sci-Fi shtick came to my mind recently. What would you do if you encountered a derelict spaceship that: - Appears to be fully functional and no signs of any external damage - No life signs detected - Is not sending any transmissions like automated distress signal etc...

9 times out of 10 it's dead aliens and some free shit Nah, when it comes to space hulks I'm all for nuking them from a great distance. No matter what the tech priest says.

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