Yu-gi-oh! how good is cosmic cyclone?

Jerrold Kertzmann asked a question: Yu-gi-oh! how good is cosmic cyclone?
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Cosmic Cyclone is known as one of the best staple cards EVER in Yugioh Duel Links. Almost every deck runs at least 2-3 copies of it because it's such a good card to have in your deck… The effect reads “Pay 1000 LP, then target 1 Spell/Trap on the field, banish it.” A very simple card effect but very versatile.

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Cosmic Cyclone is an effective counter against these types of decks because banishing their key spell/trap card usually means they have no interaction with it anymore and would need a to search out a new copy.

Gimmick Puppet Twilight Joker. This page contains the rating and basic information for the card Cosmic Cyclone in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Read on to find out about compatible decks with Cosmic Cyclone, and how to get Cosmic Cyclone.

English. Release date Card code Set Rarity. 2016-08-04 TDIL-EN065 The Dark Illusion Secret Rare. 2017-08-24 MP17-EN105 2017 Mega-Tin Mega Pack Secret Rare. 2017-11-02 SDCL-EN029 Structure Deck: Cyberse Link Common. 2018-04-13 OP07-EN003 OTS Tournament Pack 7 Ultimate Rare.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much one can do about this; it is just one of the drawbacks of playing Cosmic Cyclone. Conclusion. Overall, Cosmic Cyclone is one of the few cards that are good, but also fair. It’s a card that can only get better. Right now, Cosmic Cyclone is clearing or baiting backrow that its rival Twin Twisters cannot touch. Even if it falls out of favor, Cyclone will eventually be considered a staple in another future format.

You don't really need 3. Try to go for at least 2 of a specific staple. Also, if there are better alternatives, you should also try to go for those if you can afford to. Mystical Space Typhoon for instance is Cosmic Cyclone but without the life point cost, but unfortunately it isn't available through Dream Tickets yet.

Cosmic Cyclone. Property. Text. Pay 1000 LP, then target 1 Spell/Trap on the field; banish it.

What sets Cosmic Cyclone apart from other backrow removal is the fact it Banishes instead of just destroys. Most of the time, backrow has no use while Banished. Many modern Spell and Trap cards have effects while in the Graveyard as well, making Cosmic Cyclone good since it prevents these effects from being able to be activated.

Cosmic Cyclone. I like Cosmic Cyclone opposed to a card like ‘Hey! Trunade‘ since its effect is permanent. Rarely do cards in Duel Links recycle back spells/traps and by removing them from play, you can stop your opponent from gaining advantage off it. If you use Hey!

Basically, this is what you're looking at for potentially good DLs Staples: Backrow Control Top Tier splashable cards: Hey, Trunade! Galaxy Cyclone Cosmic Cyclone Night Beam, if you were lucky enough to get it in the selection box Double Cyclone, but mostly in Ancient Gears and Noble Knights Breaker the Magical Warrior

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